Xining industry and Commerce recently investigated and dealt with seven cases of manufacture and sal

recently, the Xining Municipal Industrial and commercial system for investigating 7 cases of producing and selling fake products.

Xining East Branch of law enforcement officers seized a counterfeiting dens and selling cases, seized suspected counterfeit "wuliangchun" 42 bottles of wine, "the Yanghe River blue classic" 30 bottles of wine, 12 bottles of wine "Moutai Prince", "high father shochu" 6 barrels, "a pen" and "black" of Lanzhou 19 varieties of 100 cigarettes, all kinds of trademarks 440 pieces (sets), pack a set of tools, a total value of 17 thousand and 400 yuan. The West Branch of law enforcement officers to investigate two cases of fake goods, seized suspected counterfeit "Wuliangye" 4 bottles of wine, the "hardware" 2 cigarettes, "imitation network license logo mobile phone 20. The North Branch of law enforcement officers seized dens and two cases of fake goods, seized suspected counterfeit "Moutai" 19 bottles of wine, "Wuliangye" series of 72 bottles of wine, 12 bottles of wine "colorful mutual aid", "eight workshop" 12 bottles of wine, "" Chinese "" furongwang "110 cigarettes, a total value of 49 thousand and 200 yuan. (author: Shi Yingchun) read more

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Today, Xining will cool down the maximum temperature will drop 9 degrees C

January 5th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the next three days, the city will usher in a cooling snowfall process, the highest temperature in the urban area will fall by 9.

reporter learned that, in January 6th, the city has nearly half the fine weather will be cloudy or continuous cloudy instead, followed by the temperature began to decline, 6 city the highest temperature is 3 degrees centigrade, the lowest temperature of -14 DEG C. 7, the city will usher in light snow weather, the highest temperature in the city will be reduced from to -6 DEG C, cooling rate of up to 9 degrees C. The 8 day, the snow clears, the urban minimum temperature of -18 degrees, the minimum temperature of -20 degrees in three counties. read more

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Xining thematic lectures results into action consciously

Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaoduo stressed: "we have to seriously study, Luo Huining Secretary thematic lectures." At the same time, Wang Xiao to "dry in practice, at the forefront of the title about three strict three thematic lectures, leading cadres at all levels of the city thinking and action with the central and provincial policies and arrangements. Carry out the three strict three special education. In recent days, the city’s various units and departments of Party members and cadres set off a wave of learning boom! We have said that to understand the painstaking study of thoughts, understanding, grasp the essence, cogent the party education achievements into practice the three three real strict conscious thought and conscious action. To strictly from the real spirit, so that the ideological understanding should be strict, the rectification of the problem should be strict, strict rectification of the rectification, strict standards to promote in-depth, practical style to seek practical results. To do the work in the forefront of the spirit of writing a new chapter of prosperity and stability in Xining. read more

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Xining CDC organized school related risk factors control and chemical poisoning emergency training c

in order to strengthen disease control team ability construction, and comprehensively improve the level of knowledge and skills of business professionals, to adapt to the new situation of rapid development of the cause of disease control, response to the new era of disease prevention and control tasks, the timely processing of public health emergencies, public health department of Xining CDC in September 29th in the center of the five floor training room held a public health knowledge of teachers training class. Training courses from four districts and counties of the CDC related professionals and the CDC staff in Xining, a total of 41 people participated in the work of the group of three.
  read more

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Spring grass out of the mountains, enjoyable

from the past inconvenient transportation, living in the mountains of poverty, the relocation of poor countries to benefit from the relocation of the project, immigrants to the main road traffic to the king of the mountain village farmers, and now more and more prosperous day.

January 26th, the reporter went to the town of Xining County, Huangzhong Wang village to go to the market, the market is crowded, Spring Festival couplets, firecrackers, vegetables and fruits, beef and mutton…… The goods are rich and varied, and everyone is preparing for the new year. Spring Festival couplets TanQian villagers Wang Yongping warmly and talking to reporters: "look at this market more lively! Can not think of the market can be so convenient to go out on the. Used to live in the mountains, go to the market to go 8 km mountain road, walking on an hour, holding a large bag, in order to go to the market to wear new clothes back home with the soil buried." read more

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Xining 12 home science research and nnovation Base Joint University

December 27th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Economic Commission, Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and other departments understand that in order to enhance the capability of independent innovation, Xining identified and named Jinhe Tibetan medicine Limited by Share Ltd, Qinghai Kang biological Polytron Technologies Inc, Qinghai Tibetan sheep carpets (Group) Limited company and other 12 enterprises as the first batch of research and innovation base of enterprises, these enterprises will jointly combining with major universities in the province, with the production and research of three in one mode of cooperation, and constantly improve the technological content of the enterprise. read more

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Xining water gas development group song and dance welcome 71

"I hold you in my song my mother, I hold you in my song……" In the afternoon of June 27th, thousands of people in the hall conference center, Xining water gas development (Group) limited liability company water Command Center 100 workers chorus opened the prelude to the group to celebrate "71" the workers Arts festival.

to celebrate the 86 birthday party, the party’s praise of the staff valiant record, inspire patriotic enthusiasm, the group in Xining, Datong, Huangzhong, workers water system safety County, carefully organize art show, carry out rich and colorful to celebrate "71" activities, demonstrating the unlimited style water system of workers the comprehensive quality and expression of the party, love for the motherland. (author: Xue Jun) read more

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Xining Municipal Health Bureau to carry out the Qinghai provincial regulations on legal publicity an

according to administering the city of Xining leading group office file "on the forwarding of public officials in the province of < < Qinghai province to carry out legal publicity and education regulations answer activities of the notice" notice "(office for 2012 No. 18) spirit. Xining City Health Bureau actively organize all employees to participate in the activities of the answer, and ask the subordinate units according to their actual situation to arrange the activities of the answer, the papers do comment and archive work.  
by the answer, so I all employees fully understand and learn the "legal education regulations" in Qinghai province. The significance of the legal publicity and education work status, function, target and work principle, work responsibilities, education object, examination and assessment of job security and other content, to further promote the the legal work to lay a solid foundation.
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West District to carry out the South commercial lane city environment remediation

in order to further strengthen the city appearance and environmental sanitation management, create a clean and convenient travel environment, to the public in July 12th, aiming at the problems existing in South commercial Lane recently dirty and messy, etc., by the deputy governor of the west district government into jade Wei team, organization construction, urban management, industry and commerce, office and other departments of the town to the South commercial Lane Jeeves, shop management and other illegal assault phenomenon concentrated rectification. Remediation measures effective, obvious effect. read more

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Transport department for many measures to escort candidates

With the annual college entrance examination approaching, how convenient and rapid arrival of the examination room has become the majority of candidates, parents are most concerned about things. In order to ensure that the city to participate in the college entrance examination, candidates in the exam can be safe and smooth reference, the City Transportation Bureau will take a number of measures during the high school entrance examination for high, escort.

is high during the senior high school entrance examination of city traffic bureau from the two bus and taxi to improve the quality of service to the majority of candidates to provide a warm, quiet review, test environment and fast, comfortable and safe ride condition.

– bus: reasonable allocation of capacity, reserve 100 bus emergency capacity, emergency security work; bus through the examination room will be from the electronic newspaper stand to the oral stops when the vehicle stops, will also slow down in advance, reduce the brake noise; during the high senior high school entrance examination for a candidate to provide convenient services, all bus drivers to forget to carry IC card candidates with ticket free ride.

– Taxi: city traffic bureau yunguanchu staff will be in the high, senior high school entrance examination period, 500 taxi in love to send test activities, then all love to send test marks of candidates can be free of charge by taxi.   read more

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Zhang Jianmin inspection work in preparation for the work of the Hoh Xil inscription stressed the op

10 month 21 to 22, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Golmud city inspection HOHXIL inscription work readiness, and work on the next deployment to arrange the implementation.

according to the World Conservation Union (IUCN) expert investigation line, Zhang Jianmin line has inspected the Yushu State Museum, the meeting site, watch videos, visited more Xiu Cun Song Ma Xiang, Qu River, Budongquan, Suonandajie protection station etc.. Zhang Jianmin pointed out that the work of the Hoh Xil inscription in the leadership of the provincial Party committee and government, the region and the relevant departments to do a good job, should be fully affirmed. The inscription has entered the final stage of the key, will be the recent HOHXIL Heritage nomination to inspect the World Conservation Union experts, to further strengthen the sense of responsibility, to do all the work for the examination. read more

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Xining police cracked the case of hundreds of millions of dollars to recover Kunlun jade

October 4th, Xining police cracked a large robbery, to recover the value of one million yuan of Kunlun jade, 5 suspects arrested.

October 2nd 14 PM, Xining city police received a report, more than 10 gunmen broke into the road of mutual xuezhou Sanrong group in the warehouse, the 4 staff on duty bound, and tape Fengzui, after taking the value of 1 million yuan of Kunlun jade. East police in Xining City Public Security Bureau with the rapid investigation, after more than and 10 hours of work, at 0:00 on October 4th Xu, the suspect Yang was arrested by the police. According to Yang confessed, the police have arrested Ma, smelting and other 4 people. read more

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Wang Jianjun in Golog emphasized research focus on the implementation of the central and provincial

from May 9th to 11, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee Wang Jianjun Gunther depth Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Maqin County, conducted in-depth research on the construction of the party, poverty alleviation, to create national unity and progress etc.. He stressed that we should focus on the central and provincial governments to implement major decisions and arrangements, to promote economic and social development in guoluo.

May in Guoluo prairie, ice and snow began to melt, grass just fanqing. Wang Jianjun has come to Raja Zhen Qu Maqing County wow Gaza village, Gande County Township, Qingzhen, Gong Ke Qu Zhen Ma Xiang Jin Cun earl, visit the grassroots cadres and the masses, village cadres and first secretary". Each to a place, Wang Jianjun and all of us to pull the home, asked in detail, "two learn to do" to learn what? Ready to do? "Eight batch" how to promote each batch? He pointed out that, to lay a solid foundation for "learning", "do" grasp the key, to carry out the "two a" study and education, build a strong grassroots organization, build team members. To adhere to the people-oriented, due to the user’s needs, the implementation of poverty alleviation special action. To carry out the "five star civilized households" to create activities to guide the masses in the development of production while establishing a civilized new wind, to develop a healthy lifestyle. read more

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Support the construction of Xining’s pension service system

attended the two session of the National People’s Congress, the National People’s Congress, Wang Yubo, suggested that the state of Xining to provide support for the construction of social pension service system in.

Wang Yubo believes that China has entered the aging society in advance. Due to the underdevelopment of the western region, the old-age security system is not perfect, the pension problem is more prominent. Qinghai City, Xining Province, for example, the city’s total population of 2 million 228 thousand people, of which more than 60 years old people aged more than 281 thousand people, more than 65 years of age and older people, accounting for 12.6% of the total population and 9.6%. In accordance with international standards, has entered the aging society. Compared with other provinces and cities pension socialization, the aging of Xining also presents a "input" pension services, as well as the pressure of the elderly, the elderly, empty nesters, the proportion of poor elderly high. At present, there are 50 thousand and 580 disabled elderly people in Xining, senior citizens of the elderly, the elderly, empty nest elderly population of 143 thousand and 300 people, poor and low-income elderly people in the population of 33 thousand and 700 people in the city of. read more

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Relevant departments to inspect the Xining part of the demolition, construction sites and residentia

low dormitory roof, dark light, poor ventilation, poor sanitation, lack of facilities for the prevention and control of the canteen canteen dust……" These problems are widespread in Xining city construction site. Do Chuangwei work for at all levels of supervision units and construction units in May 17th, the Xining municipal government and Xining City Construction Bureau and other relevant departments to check the Xining city demolition, construction sites and residential property. read more

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Huangyuan city continue to carry out rural, village two medical institutions, ten technical and grad

recently, Huangyuan County Health Bureau organized ten Technical Services Steering Committee of the county’s 10 township hospitals and village clinics ten technical services and accreditation activities were carried out supervision and inspection, the existing problems and weak links, and puts forward some suggestions on rectification. According to the actual problems of township and village two medical staff professional level is not high, arrange timely 10 township hospital staff and 60 rural doctors to the county hospital training learning, to improve the rural two professional and technical personnel’s business level. At the same time, the county will also "Ten Rules" and "technical service level compliance assessment rules" quantitative indicators, the layers of decomposition, the responsibility to the people, to establish and improve various rules and regulations and work responsibilities, and also strengthen the construction of software in strengthening the hardware construction at the same time. read more

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n the old Burma to complete the Mekong joint law enforcement

you must have heard about the Mekong River movie in 2016? At that time, Xiao Bian also deeply attracted by Zhang Hanyu’s performance in the film, but also have a deep respect for China’s anti drug police. Recently, the old Burma and Thailand law enforcement department successfully completed the fifty-fourth Mekong joint patrol enforcement action, and effectively maintain the Mekong River shipping safety.

It is reported that

, the action of four in Chinese Xishuangbanna, Laos, and Burma Meng Mo fruit class is taken across the board and section, million collapse point and random combination of common service operations, which lasted 4 days and 3 nights, total 615 kilometers, 35 hours of sailing. During the service, four law enforcement officers in Golden Triangle and Laos are fruit, Meng Mo and other key class waters to conduct joint public inspection, joint visits, publicity and other activities, inspection of all vessels 3, more than 160 tons of cargo, a strong deterrent and combat the Mekong basin involved in terrorism, smuggling, drug trafficking, trafficking, trafficking cross border crimes. read more

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Brand children’s shoes stores to the site

now the child’s good money, or whether it is basic necessities of life education, parents are willing to spend money to open an Apple stores Prince shoes is a good choice, now investors know they what to do shop planning? The first is the address selection, apple King shoes stores location will have a direct relationship with stimulus the desire of consumers into the store, now Xiaobian summed up a set of trusted Apple’s franchisee site for the prince.

1, the flow of people: ordinary, holiday and Sunday night, passengers and the proportion of read more

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City Commission for Discipline nspection and Supervision Bureau has a legal adviser

December 27, 2013, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau hired Qinghai Taihong director of law firm and Qinghai Jinfu Huang Hui law firm director Zhu Lin two lawyers as legal adviser to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau, issued letters of appointment to the.

is the basic strategy to further implement the "administrative licensing law" safe and civilized handling of the rule of law, promote the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres, establish a good image of the discipline inspection and supervision organs, to solve the problem of the petition and petition cases and work requirements, make up their own legal professional knowledge is insufficient, the maximum control and prevent risks, reduce errors, City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau submitted to the Municipal Bureau of justice in accordance with the "professional, political quality and good conduct", hired 2 legal counsel for the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision bureau. Two legal advisers will be appointed in two years of tenure for Discipline Inspection and supervision work to provide legal advice, legal services, and participate in the discipline inspection and supervision organs related litigation, arbitration and other legal activities; to provide legal advice on the petition problem and specific petition cases. read more

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Practice fine management concept to improve the level of landscape protection

is the innovation of landscape management mechanism, further improve the landscaping management level, consolidate the "National Forest City Circle" to create results, to the party’s "big eighteen" to create a good landscape environment, combined with the actual north, to implement fine management as the starting point, since July 9th, to the jurisdiction of the streets, green, park, garden, Plaza the courtyard, units and residential green landscape to carry out comprehensive remediation activities.
the green landscape remediation activities will be divided into three stages. The first stage is the stage of concentration. The stage will be fully completed within the dead tree, trees and clean up the car with a green, pruning and removal work litter and weeds, thoroughly remove all kinds of waste at the same time in the green space, strengthen the cleaning work; the second stage to consolidate the results of rectification stage, the North Green sector will be further refined maintenance and management work under the jurisdiction of the trees comprehensively do fine pruning, fertilization, pest control and so do the maintenance work, timely repair damaged garden facilities, greening work focus on the maintenance and management of the fine maintenance, strengthen all-round management, consolidate the green achievements, improve the management level; the third stage is the landscape upgrade stage, comprehensive to carry out the autumn replanting replanting trees planted, missing trees and green nedjo, shrub, ground covers and lawns, ensure no empty pit, no bare land.
by strong regulation of the above three stages, the north will strive to achieve fine maintenance management, in the green space conservation measures, continue to beautify the city environment, enhancing the landscape quality, strengthen ecological effect, optimize the living environment, enhance the city greening construction and fine management. read more

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