Where are the opportunities for SNS’s Web site development

see SNS, some people will think whether it is old growth talk about it, the author in the operation of a SNS instance website, got a lot of experience, wrote A5 to share.

in China, there is also a large gap between the different class attributes of SNS. Happy, on campus and 51 users between the class attributes are completely different, although the functionality of the site similar, but different styles, temperament. Take the Qiingdao University Beijing Alumni Association Web site www.qdstu.cn to analyze: when we should have a unified social networking account, hoping to break the barriers between social networking sites, while allowing users to free circulation in various social networking sites, there is a natural social class attribute, attribute should also be included in the scope of interest into account, is that users can realize their different needs in different social networking sites, if only a unified social networking site, for the needs of different users, but may be not a good thing. This is the reality of life in the community, people love sports, people love to do Indoorsman Indoorswoman, people with different socioeconomic status, hobbies, attributes, people with natural division. If everything is together, there is no quality, and for the user, obviously, boiled water is not the best choice. read more

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Xu Yaopeng under the big environment, grassroots webmaster will continue to exist if


" is not only affected by film and television sites, personal websites will slowly withdraw from the stage of history." BTChina chief Huang Xiwei, the reason this article begins with the quote yellow big, because when users had quoted this sentence in the QQ group, and I have just friends arguing Huang Xiwei too pessimistic. At that time I really very optimistic, then I is based on a U.S. Internet Report saw before, said the United States is now basically the average every family has a family website, personal website has become a way they communicate with each other. I was thinking, the times are developing, technology and civilization are progressing, and in China, personal website will become a universal. Just like telephones, cell phones and computers. read more

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Product selection strategy in network marketing

4P in the traditional marketing, P is the first product, then choose products or core products are equally important in network marketing, how to choose products online sales? Your company is not shot forehead, also need the Internet to find data, for example, suppose you do travel, so my recent layout what core line


we can query the tool, now travel search, many tourism Sanya tourism and Hongkong, but rising trend is very good, so our core products can obviously choose from here.

suppose we are selling shoes, core products, how to choose? We also see through the tool, you will find that the search code the trend of women’s shoes is very good, so we can locate code shoes as the core products. read more

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Student leader after graduation, a 20 thousand P job pass

from the principal took over this piece of paper, the president said: "the young man you graduate, I smiled, looked down, eyes staring at me, I have waved to them, then the rather baffling shouted: we come.

, we’re leaving. We’re leaving school. We’re coming. Coming into society. Four years time flies, the past four years of my life is composed of four simple words: website, football, women, learning (according to the important program arrangement, starting today) I’m not their eyes inside student stationmaster, ha ha, is the general feeling of students is the representative of the rookie, novice. I have tried to stand up to twenty thousand or thirty thousand IP ah, I also can earn a lot of money every month. Students have a very powerful master of Renqiu ah, you know? When I was in college is the master station master, and he had several exchanges, the feeling is really not an ordinary student stationmaster, but he also graduated last year. read more

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Sorabbit several major points to be grasped in the operation of local Forums

after the domestic crackdown, rectification, there are many personal webmaster, choose to join in operation of local portal site, relative to other sites, local portal site location, population, development of the Internet, Internet and local environmental factors, so the difficulty of operation, and the size of the user group, are not the same. In particular, local portals are relatively low in user stickiness, and the establishment of a forum community is just enough to feed this factor. The forum has been successful and the portal is almost at least half the battle. For the forum with real-time, interactive and other features, I summed up a few major directions, do not look at these, it is necessary to implement, knowledge can be large. read more

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Website does not need garbage flow

today, e-commerce is becoming more and more developed, that open a shop can be earning several thousand. I have a friend who is doing the player, play the foreign online games, playing inside the gold, then

sold to foreigners again to earn us dollars. But playing foreign games requires VPN agents, and most of the game studios have dozens of computers, and each computer needs a VPN agent.

here, I need to explain what the VPN proxy is. Because of the limited foreign game server Chinese game player landing, so China the game player to play their game, you need to buy a IP agent, let them IP into the IP, so you can play, this is the use of VPN agent, buy a VPN proxy, or buy a IP, a a username and password on it, belongs to the virtual goods. read more

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Flash road was included in the Baidu flu


for people who do you think of the importance of self-evident, a website content is again good, quality high, if no one patronize that can only indulge in self-admiration.

flash on the road from the beginning with flash beginners chat targeted to write each article, then finishing works, to the final production site, after almost lasted two months, every article, every detail is condensed with my blood.

We have seen the

search engine optimization before this finally comes in handy, the mood is really very excited, the first consideration is the key word set, first my target audience is those who want to learn flash, very interested in flash, if they want to participate in the training will search what keywords it. The first thought was, of course, "flash training."". Then there are similar "flash training course", "flash teaching material", "network flash training"…. In the Baidu search index under various think of the word, "flash training" is the maximum amount of search, "flash training", "flash animation", like "flash network training" could not find data, illustrate the use of the word search and fewer people less. So decided to give up. read more

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Hunan small and medium-sized webmaster looking for opportunities in e-commerce or is out of the way

Facing the new situation in the development of

the Internet has now encountered grassroots webmaster groundless talk, what is the bottleneck of the development of future network? Hunan in the way? Some people worry about small owners will like a pager like from the stage of history, so


June 19th, a heavy rain in the afternoon, the 2010 Hunan Internet webmaster General Assembly held in Changsha, from inside and outside the province more than 400 Internet users will be the venue packed denden, seen from Sina and micro-blog live Admin5 webmaster network, the Hunan only for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the Internet webmaster exchange party attracted widespread concern in the industry. read more

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A failed webmaster’s experience

I was in touch with the Internet 04 years ago, when I was in grade two. Because we are a small county in Chongqing, at the time of the Internet cafe is not very good, 2 yuan an hour. I am reading high school, where I have so much money to go to the Internet bar Oh. Once in a while, but I don’t want to play games, chat, listen to music like most people do. What I’m doing is searching for free stuff. Be keen on free resources, such as ", free space, and free domain names. Because from the beginning of contact with the network, I like the web production. Doing a website is a very learned thing. At that time, the Internet is not good, just do some of the so-called "web site."". read more

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Greet the front and try crack pure FLASH website optimization three major problems

pure FLASH website optimization has been a hot topic in the SEO industry, but few practical results, because the search engine is unable to understand the content of FLASH, ranking and included is even more difficult to talk about. So many players in the SEO received FLASH website optimization list when they choose to give up, tell you in Maoming SEO optimization experience through the summary of a FLASH website: FLASH website optimization to win! The following discussion to do FLASH website optimization most puzzled three problems, inadequacies also hope expert: Paizhuan read more

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Chinese stationmaster you and should have a gold medal dream

introduction: when I was a freshman, I began to work there. It’s been a year and a half now. Thank you for your encouragement and support. Figure wangdage let us write soft and practical action to support us, he gave us is stationmaster net platform, thanks to figure wangdage! This article is a recent essay I hope our webmaster brothers after reading about their own feelings to a comment in support of the younger brother, indebted forever!

China Webmaster: "you and me" should have a gold medal dream read more

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Five basic principles that network entrepreneurship must follow

, don’t be fooled by entrepreneurial stories written by successful companies, as there are some of the best parts of a business that’s gone through five hurdles and six. As an entrepreneur, there are 5 basic ways of doing things that you must follow.

for people who want to start, I remind them of is: don’t be confused by the successful enterprise business story, because there are telling the growth of an enterprise in over five hurdles will be the most exciting part of the six. As an entrepreneur, there are 5 basic ways of doing things that you must follow. read more

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A grassroots webmaster in Baidu included before the sad

since the touch of the Internet, because of their interest has always wanted to do a good site, but because of insufficient technology, has been unable to achieve. Access to "the Three Musketeers inadvertently learned only after discharged by DW is only the front, there is no background support, no matter so much to apply for a domain name for a free space bound to go online, did not know what Baidu included, just submit it to Baidu. May be due to the pure static page three days later, I search into my domain name in Baidu, there’s the reception site I submitted to the home, take a crooked road (I don’t walk in the road) – get some things on the Internet brush flow onslaught. Half a month without updates, free space is closed, and the site (not a website) was Baidu K. read more

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Entrepreneurs five strides from 0 to 1

if you have nothing but brains, passion and energy, you are eager to start your career as soon as possible. If you have a good idea in mind, then let’s follow the footsteps of the forerunner and see what path you will embark on.

, the first step: entrepreneurial ideas, purification,

maybe you mind have a vague idea, it may be the basis of your business ideas, but you still have to do a gold rush, from countless sand you want to extract gold, that is to say to the original idea of thinking, analysis, judgment, selection, enrichment, and ultimately the formation of business ideas mature. read more

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Analysis what should be done when the website name is stolen

with the continuous development of society, the progress of science and technology to bring many surprises, but also in the wake give you bring some uneasiness in the market of fake and shoddy goods "emerge in an endless stream seriously affect the consumer’s life, health and safety, and directly caused economic losses of consumers, in this environment the relevant departments of industry and commerce to crack down or" wild fire, driving the ultimate cause of the wind again "all this after all is interest. In today’s high-speed Internet development, some unscrupulous traders will be targeting the Internet, selling fake and shoddy goods through the Internet this dissemination carrier, and even steal some well-known brand website brand name to deceive users, this behavior seriously undermine the user experience, build a green environment for Internet concept seriously affected, since the Internet user experience Baidu official has been paid more attention, but also the introduction of relevant search rules, will be beneficial to the user experience, is of value to the users of the site offers a good opportunity to show and ranking. And for some low quality is not conducive to user experience or use malicious optimization promotion methods of the site, will give less display opportunities, even not show, seriously take some punishment measures directly. read more

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s it true that the strong return of the chain era

site optimization three blocks, code, content and the chain. Although we already know that the search engine rankings for the review of hundreds of factors, but as the basis for optimization of content publishing and production of the chain, in any case, we have not stopped.

Last year, Baidu

for the chain is particularly harsh, the author Dennis began with the chain for the emperor era is over. But recently, SEO Bryant quietly told the author that the chain effect has begun to slowly return to your website can not update, but the chain is not small! Of course this hearsay is accurate, we need to verify the data, and now we may as well when it is correct, then we should be how to the release of the chain of read more

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A brief talk on the writing and publishing of soft text

first say what is soft, soft words, in fact, is soft advertising. Soft Wen advertising is to use less investment to attract potential consumers eyeball, enhance product sales force, improve product reputation, enhance the brand of the website. Under the imperceptible influence of the soft text, the strategic and tactical purpose of the product is achieved, and the advertisement of the consumer group is guided. Although there are a lot of people think about the soft feel hate, but it is undeniable that the soft of website promotion and corporate reputation propaganda is very obvious, many well-known companies and even set up a marketing team for marketing. read more

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Buying domain names from foreign domain names

IT has been using the original monopoly network: itzmw.com this domain name, always feel a w (Network) is not too good to remember, when other people say that IT monopoly network, people always think that is the domain name itzm.com, often need to explain to others for the first phonetic alphabet ZMW is the "monopoly". Very sad, so determined to buy the domain name itzm.com.

through the query, itzm.com this domain name by a foreign domain name merchant (foreign rice dealer) note, I will register with him, the information inside the mailbox to send a want to buy the mail. My English is average, and I translate it all by Goolge. Of course, the content is very simple. Two words: "I want to buy the itzm.com domain name, please tell me your price."." Wait until the second day, he wrote back, to $6500, halo, anyway, contact him, the price will slowly cut it! read more

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n the severe nternet situation, opportunities can be found to survive

the 2010 Spring Festival Gala has just been over and there have been a lot of online reviews about the party. For the Spring Festival, there are in each year, everyone has his own assessment, huobaohuobian. Some people see the show "flaws", such as a performer’s hat fell on the stage; some people see the ads, such as many pieces into many businesses brand; others saw the program itself is wonderful; there are too few people to see the Spring Festival Gala opportunity. "Smart operators, Nuggets, Spring Festival Gala, a lot of economy, fashion products popular network", smart operators are not looking at the Spring Festival Gala, but business opportunities. Compared to the warm evaluation after the Spring Festival Gala, it is better to find opportunities and enrich your pockets. This requires a unique perspective. read more

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Find a breakthrough, the new web site can do something

site navigation station is now a dominant position, hao123 champion, of course, there are several followed.

now, let’s analyze hao123, the advantage that good 123 occupies, start early, the time of birth is good, popularize without much effort, and form excellent brand advantage among Internet users. After being acquired by Baidu, the brand influence increase again, Baidu recommended on the home page also make it obtain considerable traffic, but it is very difficult to shake it. The boss’s position, of course, the 123 also has its shortcomings, the early site now template style has not changed, there is not much breakthrough, held from Baidu union 365 blue sky the action can be seen on the new Baidu navigation station to erode its users very angry. Although the status of its boss can not shake, but also see its flow has been lost. read more

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