Zidane: “The costumes are screwed but not touched …”

first_imgZinedine Zidane analyzed in Movistar’s flash interview the hard defeat against Manchester City that complicates Madrid’s pass to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The white coach lamented those final ten minutes where the team left the match and sent an optimistic message for the return.Is the dressing room touched ?: “It is not, no, we are screwed for losing, but we know that the tie is 180 minutes and whatever happens is like that. Even if we had won. We did the most difficult scoring the goal and in ten minutes we scored two goals” .Without Ramos on the return: “Well, this is football, we can’t change it. We have to keep the positive. In such a result there are not many positive things, we played a good game except the final ten or fifteen minutes. Now we have to go there and win if we want to pass. “What happened in the last ten or fifteen minutes?: “Nothing, they are mistakes and you pay the mistakes. It’s that. But mistakes are part of football and that’s it.”Loss of solvency in the Bernabéu: “Today it has not been possible. We have given everything in the field, we have lacked ten more minutes of concentration. It has been a very physical and even match and in the end we paid it.”Kroos. Did you have any physical problems?: “No, no, none, technical decision”.Afterwards, the Real Madrid coach appeared before the media in the press room of the Bernabéu.Balance: “With the game we did, it’s complicated. We all know badly, with the game we lost like this.”In the play of 1-1 was there a push to Ramos? What did the referee tell you?: “He told me that there was nothing, that he has not seen anything, that there was no push. In the end nothing changes, the referee decided like this and that’s it. What bothers me is what we did, playing well and that in Ten minutes from the end the game changes. With the game we made and the mistakes at the end … This hurts because we don’t deserve this. In the end it’s football and you have to be 90 minutes very, very concentrated. Especially with this kind of equipment ” .Atmosphere in the dressing room: “Today, even winning, we have to play around. And losing the same thing. We have to go there to win. We know the situation. We lose an opportunity here but there is another one to change. Sunday? We have another opportunity. It’s a great match and we have now to recover well and make a great game. “ Has Madrid been better than City? “I do not know, there were two good teams in the field. Then, you can give your opinion. We had our opportunities and they in the end because of us a little. We scored at our worst moment. Then it went well and in the end, the ten or fifteen minutes from the end have been bad. In fact, they could have scored a third goal. “Changes: “The game is what it is. We put the goal in the worst moment of ours and after the goal we were better. Then, in the end we lacked concentration. Then they are mistakes. But I don’t think we should make more changes. The opponent is very well and have had their opportunities. “Do you understand the fans, who leave saying that they do not come to the Bernabéu on Sunday to the Classic? “I wait for the fans on Sunday, to come to help the team and move that forward. In football you can’t control everything. You can watch the Levante game or another. We give everything on the field. It’s a bad run, but you have to take this out anyway. Sunday is an opportunity to change. “The cause of the downturn of the last minutes: “It’s not physical downturn, it’s more concentration because in the end we made mistakes and mistakes are part of football. The only thing is to look at it, try to analyze it well. I can’t tell you anything else. The ten minutes of the end have been very complicated, but not before”.Why this bad streak? “I do not know. For three or four months we did very well and now there are three complicated games. But it is a bad run. You have to be more united and strong and keep working. And I say: Sunday I see it as an opportunity to change this”.Kroos did not play by technical decision. “He is a very important player but the option today was this. When I say that he is technical he is nothing against Kroos, that he is doing well. I have players and I chose.”The fact of playing the lap outside may come in handy: “If we want to pass the round we have to go there and win and Madrid is able to do that. We are happy to play at home, always. The only thing is that today in ten minutes they have been complicated.”How do you expect the return ?: “We’ll see, we know what we have to do. You have to go there and win to pass. But even with a result in favor today the same thing would have happened. The tie is 180 minutes and nothing changes.”What do you think right now? “It’s a bad result, it’s two games in a row losing. It’s a bad run because when we play badly we can understand it, but today it wasn’t the case. We didn’t deserve this defeat.”How will you face the turn? Are you almost lost? “We have to play and think we can qualify. We have nothing else in mind and that is what we are going to do on the lap.”last_img read more

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