Ceferin: “The City? We’re not fighting anyone”

first_imgAleksander Ceferin, UEFA president, has spoken to Sky Sports microphones about football news. One of the topics that the interview has dealt with has been the sanction against Manchester City. The English team was sanctioned with two years without playing in Europe for skipping the financial Fair Play, and the president talked about the possibilities of that sanction being revoked.“I can’t comment on Manchester City, or any other case, for two reasons,” Ceferin explained. “One is because I don’t know anything about it and the second is that it is not correct for a president to comment on the case, that is treated by an independent body, “he said. But he has raised doubts about if UEFA will consider an extrajudicial agreement with the club. “I doubt it”He said, “But, I repeat, I don’t want to comment anything. I don’t want to comment. But I doubt it’s possible.” “We are not fighting anyone. We defend our position professionally. I don’t like to talk only about Manchester City. We punish five to ten clubs per season. It is a regular procedure. Let’s see, “the president explained.” As with other clubs, they are our asset, I respect them, “he said.” I don’t want to say ‘now we don’t like Manchester City.’ We like them, they are our club. But this process is something different, with which I do not interfere“Ceferin said.The UEFA president is also not sure if CAS will decide on the case before the start of next season. “Hard to say“said Ceferin.”From what I heard, it is a large file and I would have to ask our lawyers about the usual moment of the decision. It is really impossible to say. “Ceferin praised the comeback of the City at the Bernabéu in the round of 16 of the Champions League. “They played very well against Real Madrid“he said. On whether it would be” fair “for them to win the Champions League and refuse to play it next year, he said that whoever wins will be “good”. “Any club wins, I like it. It’s not a problem. I would like to see a fantastic final in Istanbul. That’s all that matters to me“he sentenced.last_img read more

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