first_imgShareTweet “After a bit of digging, they managed to figure out where the vehicle was registered and following a number of attempts, they managed to locate both the the car and driver!“The officers were beyond relieved to see the young driver appeared to be unhurt, which ruled out option 1, (=).“However, their suspicions were raised that the driver may have recently been involved in the consumption of illegal drugs, making option 3 look a lot more likely… #“A quick search after arrest unearthed quantities of cash/drugs as well as other illegal items for which the young driver was further arrested, including suspected drug dealing, which ruled out option 2 and gave us a hit on option 3! (==)“Pikachu is still at large, sadly ruling out option 4… (=)“Needless to say we’re a lot happier having a suspected dealer and his drugs off the street this morning!”DRIVER WHO FAILED TO STOP ARRESTED FOR DRUG DEALING IN DERRY was last modified: July 25th, 2016 by John2John2 Tags: An officer wrote: “Morning all! So last night (while most sensible people were in bed…) Local Policing Team 3 were shocked to encounter a vehicle failing to stop for them in the city. “Several options were discussed about why anyone would act so strangely, the top 4 being:1. That the driver was hurt and rushing themselves to hospital. 2. That they made an honest mistake and hadn’t seen the big flashy police car. 3. That they had something they didn’t want us to find on board. 4. That they were chasing a Pikachu (Apparently people have been doing crazy things to try and catch one these days…) “Being understandably concerned by this behaviour, the officers decided to take proactive steps to investigate… POLICE in Derry are jubilant this morning after taking a drug dealer and his illegal wares off the streets of the city.The male was detained after he failed to stop for a police patrol in the city last night as the PSNI continue to tackle car crime linked to anti social behaviour across Derry.Details of the arrest and drugs bust have emerged on the PSNI Foyle Facebook page this morning. DRIVER WHO FAILED TO STOP ARRESTED FOR DRUG DEALING IN DERRYFacebookPSNI FOYLElast_img read more

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