Be careful of the four hand out of your chest ‘s health network

pressure is too large, irregular diet

used to stay up late

for women, who is the greatest harm because often squeezed breast breast, the edge of the table, the situation may be more severe. Because lean sideways or lying on the table, right in the breasts on the fulcrum of extruding. Research shows that, if the hard edge of the table by breast squeeze nearly 1.5 hours, can interfere with the normal metabolism of the breast, a long time will cause adverse consequences.

for adolescent girls harm is far-reaching. Because the deep sleep during the night is the peak of the hormone secretion, lack of sleep, will seriously interfere with endocrine function, affecting the development of puberty, including the development of the breast. read more

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2 kinds of preventive measures health network female breast deformation

3, massage plus exercise:

1, nutrition:

mother should wear a proper bra size, hold the breast, breast-feeding is not only that, during late pregnancy should also insist on wearing every day, but also pay attention to both day and night to wear. This is done to prevent the increase in breast weight after the skin tissue expansion dilatation and internal support. In the seventh month of pregnancy, expectant mothers should be replaced with a large bra, it is best to buy a special nursing bra.

when you have time to do breast massage and expand read more

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Method of prevention of breast hyperplasia in the life of ‘s health network

2 changes in eating habits: eat less fried, high calorie, high fat food; eat spicy food; eat iodine rich kelp and other seafood such as seaweed, vegetables, fruits, beans, mushrooms, fungus and whole grains.

summer is also the beauty of women show beautiful style of the season, but because some women do not pay attention to breast health causing breast hyperplasia; there are some women taking hormone containing drugs to promote breast development and implement breast augmentation surgery, so breast hyperplasia, inflammation, and even cause cancer. All of these problems have added to the summer. read more

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How to alleviate the aging of women’s breasts ‘s health network

often massage

method: at the same time with different cup bra, the breast changes, wearing the right bra (fitted bra does not fall into the shoulder or chest marks). Home releasable chest massage, and axillary lymph nodes.

to develop a good standing, sitting chest containing the greatest damage to the breast, because it oppresses the growth of the chest tissue, occupied its living space, easily lead to sagging breasts.

smear breast cream good breast cream can help strengthen the skin of the breast support force, prevent sagging breasts, but also help stimulate the skin collagen egg > read more

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Hidden from the shape of breast disease self testing health network

when the tumor tissue infiltration to continuous skin glands and fibrous ligaments, it will cause the contraction of ligament. However, this increase is not cancer with ligament. The tumor surface skin stretch and sag, such as the formation of superficial skin sag, which is "dimple sign".

interesting knowledge: not only can see the shape of breast disease, also can know the character, according to Beard "the German newspaper" reported that the scientists Piyiluo? Luolunzuoni said: "a woman’s breast and her signs, can show her character." read more

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The destruction of the female breast 10 health network female vice

1, underwear lace.


, Canada, said women who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 9 years were at an increased risk of breast cancer by up to a factor of 59% by. Alcohol is also a killer of the breast, the daily drinking 1~2 cups of women with breast cancer than women who did not drink increased by 10%>

2, clothes too tight.

long-term intake of high sugar foods, blood insulin levels are always at a high level, resulting in a large increase in the amount of insulin in the breast, and continue to multiply breast cancer cells, resulting in breast cancer. Recommended to eat sweets, snacks, women, the daily intake of sugar should be about 30~40 grams, the daily diet of Cereals, beans, sweet potatoes, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. read more

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How close are you to breast cancer 8 women are most likely to develop breast cancer ‘s he

2, repeated abortion surgery

3, late marriage and childbearing women is likely to develop breast cancer

the incidence of breast cancer is lower in women under 55 years of age. Menopausal age greater than 55 years of age than the age of less than 45 years of age, the risk increased by about 1 times.

lifestyle, dietary habits and environmental factors, are likely to provide a hotbed of breast cancer. How far are you from breast cancer?

this is because every time pregnant women after abortion, pregnancy is suddenly interrupted, hormone levels plummet, the newly developed breast suddenly stop growing, the smaller acini and even disappear, breast reconstruction. And this recovery is usually incomplete, easy to cause breast lumps and pain, can induce breast disease, repeated breast lesions can become the cause of breast cancer. read more

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How to keep the breast health beauty health network

female breast care has been very concerned about. The day before, the United States "health" magazine invited many breast health experts, gives specific suggestions, to help more women keep breast health and fitness.

at the age of 35 years old, between the age of 40, women should do a comprehensive breast X-ray examination, every month to do a self-examination, early detection of disease.

40 years old

30 years old

most of the 30 year old female breast shape is still good, and flexible. But if you have or are about to have a baby, pay attention to the changes in the chest. During pregnancy, breast will gradually become larger, postpartum or after breast-feeding, breast may droop, the cup will be reduced. This is known as "breast aging", mainly because the breast does not produce milk, some organizations began to shrink caused by. read more

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Woman winter Detox detoxification food health network

woman winter Detox

a lot of meat in the winter, the body is easy to stack exhaust gas, resulting in a lot of physical discomfort, such as spots, acne or abdominal distension, etc.. Sweet potatoes contain food cellulose and glucoside, can stimulate the stomach, increase peristalsis, accelerate defecation. Women can also eat the winter Detox yam, especially women and the pressure is relatively large. The essence of the Chinese yam can strengthen the spleen and lung, soluble fiber can also control appetite, improve the digestive system. Women eat more of these foods in winter, focusing on detoxification, in order to better ensure health. read more

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Using breast milk long-term squeeze cleavage easy pathogenic health

(responsible editor: Teng Xiaolan)

white-collar workers adhere to the correct posture can make breast more fit in the job, you can also try the "book" in the two armpit clip books, hands slowly forward Tai Zhi Ping, adhere to the arm or sour books fall far, multiple daily exercises. This position helps to exercise chest muscle, upright chest.

if you want to have a healthy and effective breast, you can have time to exercise and eat some healthy food. A doctor is said to be the palace specially for Ci Xi developed breast recipe: Huangqi peanut porridge. Will be 100 grams of peanuts, red dates to the nuclear 100 grams, 20 grams of Astragalus, porridge, menstrual fresh even after 7 days. Chinese medicine, red dates can be fluid, endocrine regulation, Astragalus Qi and blood, and peanuts are rich in protein and fat, the combination of the three can not only make the chest stand tall and straight, can let the female body internal organs running smoothly. read more

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