How do earn ten thousand per month through garbage collection

garbage collection is a profitable model developed in recent years. I contact the station group is purely accidental, the original idea is very simple, that is, in order to operate their own SEO project can have more resources outside the chain. But slowly understand the personal webmaster do stand group, is also a good way out. Here are some of the experiences I have done to stand up for half a year:

first, preparation and precautions

1, batch registered domain name

one-time registration of a good domain name, here recommend the use of Godaddy 7 yuan info or.Tk free domain name. How to register, apply for Baidu to find tutorials to do the station group cost must be controlled, the best investment is not too large, too much pressure on the investment, many people tend to insist on not. If you are worried about info, TK domain name included you can go to the Baidu, of course, if you have enough money can also choose com, org domain name, but this greatly improves the cost of the site. read more

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Leave Ali mother will go

in the mom on the line soon, my site is on the line, also registered the Ali Mama member, adding the Ali Mama advertising code for the beginning of the site, traffic is not large, will not let it go, not too long, mother appeared big buyers, patronize me, bought on Monday I a yuan of money, was very happy, feel that their website has been recognized, Ali mother began to pay attention to.

with the site traffic increase, often see their advertising revenue, my website science education network wave on the line less than a year, the highest IP every day is more than 3000, recently is around 1000, while the highest income is 4 yuan, now every day is 1 yuan. 1000IP=1 yuan, the ratio of garbage flows is still low, we lack this element? We do propaganda but also for mom? But also for the Ali Mama advertisers show free? This problem has troubled me for a long time, today raised hope to discuss with everyone. read more

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Entrepreneurship the world is wonderful because of dropout

"90", due to the wonderful world of dropout


June 2012, the national college entrance examination season, there are 9 million 150 thousand middle school students into the examination room, the first turning point in life, most of them were born in 1994.

at the same time, graduation season is coming, there are 6 million 800 thousand college students are about to go out of the school, in the face of change from the school to the community, they were mostly born in 1990.

they are the same group". read more

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Google Adsense to adjust to improve the quality of web pages

today, the news release, said the Google Adsense policy has been adjusted. There are two specific changes worthy of attention.

1. asked to publish this to improve the quality of the page.

2. can add more links to.

1 Google now requires Adsense publisher compliance "quality wizard spirit to do a website, which is similar to the Adwors Publishing Wizard, so that users get a better experience, easy Adsense content. This requirement is not mandatory.

2, Google allows Adsense users to place 3 link units on a web page instead of the previous 1 link units, which will be more conducive to Adsense users to get revenue. read more

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My personal webmaster Wangzhuan road a few small views

is now very popular on the Internet a word is a Wangzhuan, occupation like SOHO is the same as the yearning. I am also this one, he graduated more than a year, did not go out looking for work, with full Wangzhuan to sustain life, and to future dreams, hope that every young person has the ideal struggle with me. See A5 there are many webmaster share their way of higher, so today I summarize my views on some small wangzhuan.

generalized and chivalrous Wangzhuan

I feel Wangzhuan a wide range, in general, my own definition is as long as you can make money through the Internet belong to the scope of wangzhuan. Whether selling products or service, technical support, marketing, or promotion planning, as long as it can generate profits, it belongs to the generalized wangzhuan. Now many webmaster do Wangzhuan is very good, but there are also many webmaster and no stable income, do not just narrow wangzhuan. For example, through the Taobao customer, the time to post, then the task of Witkey etc.. I feel the most senior Wangzhuan is found the opportunity to start their own business, some projects do not need the money to start very much. However, the opportunity is further done after they gradually found, so early do Wangzhuan lay a foundation for the latter part of the business can. read more

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Wangzhuan tutorial before the station must pay attention to the details

The blood boil

a lot of new friends in reading some articles, on the spur of the moment to build up a website. Here we need to remind novice friends, before the site, some things have to be solved. This will directly affect the development of your station can not be profitable.

one, determine the direction of the station to do: garbage grab traffic? Regular stay customers?

if you want to be a dumpster, then do a qualified garbage station. If you want to do a regular stop, it is necessary to operate a regular station. On the Internet to see some of the views put forward by friends, said the garbage station operating like a regular station. First of all, I would like to say that I agree with this view. But the fact is, it can be very tiring, and will not let you in the soil, the station will increasingly depressed. read more

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Wireless advertising media – QQ Speed make business to continue operations!!

CPA is offline business alliance many coins, coins CPA wireless advertising media business to continue operations!!!


CPA price 1 yuan 1. Real time data. Pay no taxes. Every week, 1 weeks and 2


super high conversion rate, the majority of webmaster friends than other alliances,

we have a better quality of service for the majority of webmaster friends!

union URL:

contact QQ:313789 customer service phone: 0516-88776655

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Want to start 5 things need to be considered in advance

believe that the next few years, China’s employment situation will be more severe, so the state began to encourage college students to start a business. The first thing to do is to put aside the entrepreneurial environment in China, after all, the change in the environment is not done overnight, but if you want to start the business, there are some of their own to look at their own, is not the business of this material.

recently the United States as a strategic consultant, venture investors in the United States PeterCohan success 5 times AndyPalmer talked about his entrepreneurial experience, Palmer shared 5 ideas must be considered in deciding whether to start before for the young. Here, we also share these, if you have the idea of entrepreneurship, but also to see if they are ready. read more

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Men talk about how to learn the beginner

said do Wangzhuan should learn what knowledge, I think everyone’s answer is different, because everyone has their own a Wangzhuan experience, so everyone answers will get into some of their private feelings.

men feel that learning Wangzhuan can do the best learning, learning for practice.

for their own future set a goal, this goal is that you want to make money through what way (to do the procedure, making art, website, software, hackers, flow, marketing, planning, training, auction – – – -) to the target list and to master the knowledge and if you don’t need to know what knowledge can help to people with experience. read more

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