How to develop wireless nternet

How can the wireless value chain be benign and sustainable?

What is

from the vertical is you in a value chain, content integration and integration, to achieve add content, provide plus content, there is actually a lot of opportunities. We know that in the wireless value-added industries there are some companies do the bell pictures, a company with a monthly income of millions of yuan, finally by some more big companies with millions of dollars to acquire, there is great potential.

The development of

three years everything will come back

Analysys believes that the Internet is actually

three stages: the first stage is the road, the second stage is the application, the third stage is represented by Google, it is to help you find the need to find information. Today, the Internet has entered a real content is king of the times, although the content is king has been talking about in the past two years, but today really become a kind of money, Google should be said that from the beginning of the listing, we feel the real commercial interests.

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Why your business can not get the money of investors

, innovation works CEO Li Kaifu issued a "English blog to get investment for 5 reasons" on his LinkedIn page, is of great significance for the domestic entrepreneurs, 36 krypton as follows.

you are an entrepreneur, you have a business plan, want to get a sum of money from VC or angel investors. However, many entrepreneurs will make some basic mistakes, stumbled in the meet for the first time, here is a summary of the five point:

sends emails to VC instead of looking for a VC trust. There is a consensus among the VC, "if an entrepreneur can not to recommend himself by an acquaintance of mine, even if he didn’t mind and this resource, so it is difficult for him to become an excellent CEO." So do not blindly email VC, I have never given such a company for money. read more

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Two suggestions on how to make the guest Commission as soon as possible


do guest station, make money through the station. Through the promotion of formal methods, earn only those who do not know the guest people, know people will use their own links to buy. What do we need to do, how to make money through the promotion, amoy.

website promotion, do rankings or post promotion. Do the search engine rankings, affected by the relatively large, Baidu is a big update, many station ranking is not, for the station, traffic is money, in order to get more traffic, we tend to choose more popular words to do. Ranked in the front of the station, have bought a lot of links, for us more than they are difficult, you can not do the front page of the three position, the location of the traffic is the most. I like the station (, Ladies Home, these words can be in the Baidu home page, but in the back, bring me the traffic only 1-200 IP, Baidu index word is so high that traffic will face so much competition, prepared to do for these words of the people, do you think the value of it? I think it is not worth doing, this word, I would rather lose weight do these, promotion of a single product, one day a single transaction is 200IP scores, do these words, 200IP also dozens of good luck, bad luck may not have a few blocks, that is why, out of strength make money. It might as well go directly to Taobao, Taobao. The probability of ranking up are almost the same to do these traffic up to a lot more than those. For the novice, select the site keywords, suggest that we do not choose the popular, choose a few simple words, plus a hot word. Do simple, with a hot, when your site weight is high, and then add nothing. To do a simple, at least to earn money. SEO, don’t want others to compete with you, you need to find someone else to pay no attention to the words, you can easily hold the rankings. Also, before selecting keywords, be sure to look at the Baidu index, although not so accurate, refer to, see a lot of webmaster election words, Baidu index are not. These words are easy to do, no flow, do not do the same. There are a lot of guest ask me, my site keywords ranking didn’t flow, old do not, the title also heard that can not be changed. Suggest you change it. You do not change, ranking, no flow; you do not change, ranking up, but no one search, you do not flow. Do not change you do not flow, change the word, ranking up, but also to give you a little traffic. Barefoot shoes are not afraid, what are you afraid of. read more

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Do beautiful pictures stand some experience

I have spent a long time in ADMIN5, see a lot of master to express their ideas, but also see a lot of beautiful pictures on the station, did not feel like what effect, so a their own experience, is the first time to publish the article Oh, a lot of support, look, you feel good on the top well, don’t step on ah, can’t stand criticism

I think, actually do not necessarily depend on the picture station search engine, a lot of friends all said the station must be included, will flow, the fact that we have a lot of options, Baidu Post Bar, link exchange, Baidu know, Baidu pictures and so on, not yet, today I want to introduce not the above said, but the Tencent SOSO, as we all know, SOSO.COM search traffic is not worse than Baidu, which has a beautiful search bar, flow estimation one day there are 10 tens of thousands of it, we use it to promote their own station, the effect is not wrong, read more

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Why the flash in the pan successful enterprises more and more

does your company have established lasting value products? Are you value growth, or pay more attention to sustainable growth? In many start-up companies, are the kind of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum case. These companies initially look glamorous, but soon disappeared in people’s field of vision. WP Engine founder Jason Cohen recently published a blog on this phenomenon.

some people love in the media or Silicon Valley posing as successful entrepreneurs, this behavior distasteful, but it is not their fault. read more

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Download a single download software market to make money

in the current site, more and more software download site, the download station is Ming Dao for robbery. In this powerful market, profit decreases download station. And many small download stations in order to be able to get more profits, instantly give up the user experience, full station full of advertising. The most objectionable is that these ads are fully integrated in the site, a few times’ download ‘words, but always can not find the software they need.

in this case, the station is more and more weak, the station is on the path to defeat. What station does not have enough space for profit, how to support many users to access the download station? Not enough users start accessing, how can the development of read more

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How to look at the small and medium-sized webmaster game platform

is now a lot of small and medium-sized webmaster to join the bubble play, YES play, 51 games, such as the joint operation of the game platform. But from the major operating platform exchange forum, QQ group can be seen, many websites are complaining about the game channel login game player is more less and less, the number of recharge, even so, not to mention what benefits. Small sites become the basic operating platform proxy web games free advertising provider. Web game operators but through such cooperation, improve the exposure and the number of their own web games, but the small and medium sites have not received a share of the soup (or a small share). read more

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How to choose their own Wangzhuan project

There are a lot of money on the Internet

project, and many Wangzhuan returns in more than three times, the current money online project mainly has three modes, one is to sell services, for example, write soft SEO optimization; another is to sell products, Taobao, Taobao, C2C company, B2C electronic shops the store, the last one is one of the online investment, online stock trading is the most common way.

three money each has its strengths and weaknesses, such as making money selling services, basically do not need to invest more to some, what, to provide services to earn money, once the service is stopped, it can’t make money. Sell the product is relatively easy to sell some of the services, choose a good product, and then a better sales model, basically be able to make money, of course, can not avoid competition between peers and market competition. Investment money requires a certain IQ, small investment profit, large investment to make money, but also have to take risks. read more

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How do earn ten thousand per month through garbage collection

garbage collection is a profitable model developed in recent years. I contact the station group is purely accidental, the original idea is very simple, that is, in order to operate their own SEO project can have more resources outside the chain. But slowly understand the personal webmaster do stand group, is also a good way out. Here are some of the experiences I have done to stand up for half a year:

first, preparation and precautions

1, batch registered domain name

one-time registration of a good domain name, here recommend the use of Godaddy 7 yuan info or.Tk free domain name. How to register, apply for Baidu to find tutorials to do the station group cost must be controlled, the best investment is not too large, too much pressure on the investment, many people tend to insist on not. If you are worried about info, TK domain name included you can go to the Baidu, of course, if you have enough money can also choose com, org domain name, but this greatly improves the cost of the site. read more

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Leave Ali mother will go

in the mom on the line soon, my site is on the line, also registered the Ali Mama member, adding the Ali Mama advertising code for the beginning of the site, traffic is not large, will not let it go, not too long, mother appeared big buyers, patronize me, bought on Monday I a yuan of money, was very happy, feel that their website has been recognized, Ali mother began to pay attention to.

with the site traffic increase, often see their advertising revenue, my website science education network wave on the line less than a year, the highest IP every day is more than 3000, recently is around 1000, while the highest income is 4 yuan, now every day is 1 yuan. 1000IP=1 yuan, the ratio of garbage flows is still low, we lack this element? We do propaganda but also for mom? But also for the Ali Mama advertisers show free? This problem has troubled me for a long time, today raised hope to discuss with everyone. read more

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