Star VC Quan Ren the industry has done an actor and the transformation of investors let me get a new

1, venture restaurant

When I was at

University, I studied acting at Shanghai Theater Academy. At that time the play is very difficult to test, the more than 5 thousand applicants eventually recruit only 20 people, 10 men and 10 women, sex ratio is very strict.

I was admitted after the family is very happy, because they think the actors is a let attention and to let everyone through TV communication with their occupation, they think I can realize my dream, but also for the family glory, organic will rise head and shoulders above others. read more

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New media start-up performance of the new high secret

The word

together that many entrepreneurs are more than once to have seen or heard, the vocabulary of popular when collaborative development needs from below to improve the efficiency of the team and, as a personal webmaster from the transition to entrepreneurs, when faced with the team and customers, the efficiency of startups determines the company the life.

as a new media start-up company, from the beginning the business combination of tools to complete the product design to the management team, to maintain the sales and customer service, from product design to prototype Axure mail client Foxmail, from the gold data to the IMO cloud office, our aim is to improve the efficiency make the team more attention to products and services, but scattered tools did not play much role. read more

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n the field of traditional industries to seek the development of start-up companies should do

in the field of traditional industrial development companies should be how to do


to start startups, the choice of logistics and transportation industry, it is equivalent to choose a monster broad market.

this is the world’s oldest industry, the annual global value generated thus estimated at 9 trillion dollars. At the same time to create such a huge benefit, the freight industry also maintained an incredible low technology content.

Flexport is a hope will become more simple and efficient freight startups, now also achieved good results: since November 2013, the company income growth of 25%, the number of employees more than 100. read more

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For five years after – an entrepreneur’s monologue and ntrospection

introduction: before a cup of wine, talk about their smile. After a piece of sea, looking through the night alone.

sent off the last employee, the company began to leave Shenzhen tomorrow. The new year, looking at their home for the new year, and I have to pack my bags in the winter. These two days to deal with things in Shenzhen, but also to the Beijing company to solve some problems and then go to Changsha to draw a full stop. Perhaps this is a duty, others can not replace and understand the responsibilities of the founder, but it is your own choice, their own choice of road, kneeling on the go. read more

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State Council, a number of policies to encourage entrepreneurship to support the development of publ


technology news June 16th morning news, the State Council to support public entrepreneurship initiatives introduced, "opinions of the State Council on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples several policy measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), to start from the business license to the intellectual property rights and are listed for the support of relevant policies; and support the banking innovation, encourage the development of the financing platform. read more

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s there a lot of controversy worth investing in the U.S.

Abstract: another good way to close the flow of business is to hatch their own ecological chain. Tencent rely on a huge amount of QQ traffic hatch out of the game, news portal, payment, electricity providers and other services.

text / Wang Wei

user. Now, Mito’s products have covered the world’s 11 mobile devices, the total number of overseas users has more than 370 million. To know the number of users more than 1 billion of the company’s global only 8, Mito is the only one without a listed company. read more

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The nursing method of acute mastitis of female health network

acute mastitis refers to acute suppurative infection of breast tissue, many from primipara, because breast ductal obstruction opening, chapped, caused by milk stasis.

The incidence of

was the highest in six weeks after birth (postpartum food). The disease of acute onset, early breast swelling and pain, the skin is not red or reddish, then gradually increase the induration, pain, fever, if not active treatment, often transformed or abscess, disease can affect patients with breast secretion caused no milk. read more

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Alert breast atrophy breast health network female action

chest care in this area, we rarely involved in the past. Because the chest is very fragile and sensitive parts of the female body, to make it clear that the one or two pages can not be completed. But with the growth of female consciousness, whether it is the health of the chest, or the beauty of the chest, are increasingly sought after. Of course, there are many errors, so this time, we will be in the form of a special subject, several hours to introduce some knowledge of breast.

intentionally murder read more

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The woman opened the breast deeper secret health network

breasts are feminine pride, but you may not be fully aware of the breast health secrets. Below, Xiaobian for you to expose the breast of 11 small secrets, concerned about the beauty and health of you do not miss.

1 left breast bigger. According to a survey of 600 women in the annals of plastic surgery, the left breast is larger than the right, but the difference is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. The size of the two sides of the nipple, the shape is not the same.

2 average length of female nipples is about 1 cm. At present, most American women’s underwear size is 36C, and 15 years ago is 34B. read more

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You don’t know the breast health knowledge in carcinogenesis bra or accessory female health ne

in breast diseases recently held promotional activities, experts pointed out that the two extrusion is one of the four common mistakes breast daily health care. The two strong stuffed bra, the local blood is not running smoothly, and may even increase the chance of cancer. In addition, squeeze around the areola "acne" is not conducive to maintaining breast health.

fat chest chest

can improve the Severn

do not look down on the breast, it is also the same as the breast mood. The body has two "milk line" from both sides armpit to genitals, but human evolution has only retained a on the other side of breast, breast was degenerated. However, the clinical others can grow to two or even three of the breast, nipple and areola, the breast tissue. 95% of the breast occurs in the chest, more common in the armpit. A gland tissue accessory can occur with the menstrual cycle of pain, benign and malignant tumors may also occur accessory breast. read more

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