Trump appoints student loan industry exec to watchdog job

NEW YORK — The Trump administration is appointing a long-time student loan industry executive to be the government’s top watchdog for the $1.5 trillion student loan market.Robert Cameron will serve as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new student loan ombudsman, a job designed to protect student loan borrowers from poor industry practices in the student loan industry.Cameron most recently worked at the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, better known as Fed Loan Servicing, as their head of compliance. PHEAA has been cited for poor industry practices, most notably for how it has handled the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.The student loan ombudsman position has been vacant for over a year. The previous occupant, Seth Frotman, quit in protest of the Trump administration’s handling the issue of student loans.Ken Sweet, The Associated Press read more

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One Last Dispatch From The Land Of Chess Kings And Billionaires

Left: Neil deGrasse Tyson, a celebrated astrophysicist, and Fabiano Caruana, the No. 2 ranked chess player in the world, chatted about baseball. Right: Peter Thiel showed up for the decisive tiebreaker round and had a grandmaster at his side to explain the games live. After the match — after the trophy presentation and the cake and the champagne — our photographer and I tracked down the Norwegian contingent at an after-after-party at a steakhouse a couple miles uptown. It was a festive scene. Holiday garland and lights festooned the bannisters and the restaurant was a cozy respite from the cold and rainy November day outside. Carlsen was sitting at a far table in the crowded dining room with about 50 others. He was eating. With a fork. Like a person. It was odd to see him with something other than a chess piece in his hand.I wanted to talk to him. I’d been watching him for hours most days for the past three weeks. But honestly I had no idea what I’d say. Carlsen famously hates interviews. But I was saved. “No questions. Definitely no,” his manager, Espen Agdestein, told us. “He’s very tired. We’re just relaxing.”I’m not Carlsen. But I understood. Left: While waiting for the title ceremony, Magnus Carlsen is finally able to relax with his father by his side. Right: Following his defeat, Karjakin was clearly disappointed while speaking to the Russian media. He confirmed rumors about travelling to New York with a Virgin Mary icon. Left: Magnus Carlsen, 26, at the World Chess Championship’s opening gala at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Right: Sergey Karjakin, 26, tests the overhead lights in the playing hall. All photographs by Misha Friedman There are other internal chess-world squabbles. Agon Limited, the match’s organizer, filed an application for a restraining order and injunction against a number of popular third-party chess websites, just before the match began. The websites’ alleged transgression? Relaying chess moves live, which Agon saw as a violation. The application was denied by a judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, who wrote that “robust reporting of factual data concerning the contestants’ moves” best served the public interest. Agon’s CEO, Ilya Merenzon, told me that the company would continue to pursue the matter in court, and was also proposing legislation to cement their rights to the games they organize.I discussed the case with Macauley Peterson, the content director for chess24, one of the defendants, on the floor of the venue during one of the early games. He kept glancing away from me at people walking by. He said he was worried about who might be eavesdropping.The tournament’s organizers have declared their own victory, though, bragging that the 20-day biennial championship had drawn some 10,000 spectators to its location in the South Street Seaport. But that’s less than, say, half the average attendance of the worst team in baseball for any one of its 81 home games this year. And the event’s only two main sponsors were PhosAgro, a Russian producer of phosphate-based fertilizer, and EG Capital Advisors, a Russian investment management company. Not exactly Nike and Coca-Cola. Left: A branded vodka bar assured VIPs were sufficiently entertained throughout the tournament. Right: Ekaterina, a Karjakin family friend, flew in from Moscow just for the tiebreaker round. Spectators in the VIP lounge. A production team from Russia created an atmosphere for VIPs more often seen in Moscow than Manhattan. Tickets were expensive, but there were a lot of young fans at every game, especially on weekends. You had to elbow your way through knots of onlookers to get anywhere in the venue’s sprawling VIP wing. Men in suits and expensive shoes crowded around TVs, watching the games and sipping martinis. The room was at a low murmur — equal parts English and Russian with an occasional dash of Norwegian. The clinking of glasses and the ratatat of ice in cocktail shakers punctuated the chess talk.Like a Russian nesting doll, a VVIP section had been set up for Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley billionaire, and company within the VIP section. It was newly roped off and closely monitored by scary-looking bodyguards. Thiel, a Donald Trump supporter and a strong chess player himself, and Yuri Milner, the Russian billionaire venture capitalist, sat at a board inside. With apologies to Beyoncé, it was $6 billion at a chess table. Accompanying them: Bennett Miller, who directed “Foxcatcher,” about the wrestling-obsessed murderer and multimillionaire heir to the du Pont fortune, and the Icelandic grandmaster Hedinn Steingrimsson, who was giving them a private analysis of the ongoing championship game taking place just a few yards away.A buffet and wine bar had been installed for the guests from Silicon Valley who’d arrived that day, and bored-looking members of their entourages lolled on large couches, poking at iPhones. Word around the venue was that the billionaires had paid $50,000 for these privileges. (The match’s organizer wouldn’t comment on the figure.) Much later in the evening, some other journalists and I raided their buffet, eating what must have been thousands of dollars worth of cold mini tacos.“Are you security?” the writer Brin-Jonathan Butler asked one of the well-dressed, well-built men keeping close watch over the well-heeled chess lesson.“Something like that,” he responded ominously. “I wouldn’t bother them, if you don’t mind.”This World Chess Championship scene was somewhere at the intersection of Bond film, Trump fundraiser and museum gala. Watching an elite chess match in person is at once enjoyable and discomfiting. You follow the players’ actions — their moves, their mannerisms — for long stretches of time. You hang on each one and imbue it with meaning. You become so familiar with their moves that you can rattle them off later from memory: “queen to h6,” say, or “rook to e2.” You try to understand why the players did what they did. The moves can be beautiful or inscrutable or frustrating or disappointing. You try to imagine what you would do if you were in one of their chairs. You try to predict what they will do next. You try and make sense of their postgame explanations. But you aren’t them, and you can never really understand.On Wednesday, the final day of the World Chess Championship, hundreds crowded into the Fulton Market Building in lower Manhattan to watch, trying to understand. Magnus Carlsen, the defending champion, No. 1-rated player in the world and the closest thing the sport has to a rock star, was facing his challenger, Sergey Karjakin of Russia, in a series of speedy tiebreaker games. The 12 lengthy games that had stretched over the previous 19 days — I attended 11 in person — ended tied and the two grandmasters were back in their chairs in a soundproof glass box to break the deadlock. It was the biggest day in chess in many years. Carlsen, the former wunderkind, was clinging to his title and his legacy, while Karjakin and the Russians were hoping for a return to the days of Soviet chess hegemony. On the fourth game of the tiebreaker, and the 16th of the match, Carlsen attacked the Russian’s king, Karjakin resigned and the two shook hands. It was over. Despite the high-powered, moneyed interest, and its prime New York City location, the match was sparsely covered by the American press — as chess is generally — and given little attention outside the core chess world. It’s unlikely to increase the game’s reach or exposure as the organizers may have hoped. That did happen once in the States — in 1972 — but that was because of Bobby Fischer.The troublesome shadow of Fischer stretches over every conversation of chess’s success and future in the U.S. He was the best American player of all time, and its only modern world champion. His legacy is stained by his vocal anti-Semitism, and comments that he was pleased with the terrorism on Sept. 11, among other things. But in his chess prime, he carried the U.S. on his back while sitting at the board, having taught himself the game, largely alone, in a shabby Brooklyn apartment. And he won.While this year’s championship lacked the colorful characters and Cold War narrative of Fischer’s title run — although some journalists tried to revive them — it did have some of the controversy.Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the president of the game’s international governing body, FIDE, was absent from the match, having been sanctioned by the U.S. for business connections with the Assad regime in Syria. Ilyumzhinov is no stranger to controversy. He insists he was abducted by aliens. They were wearing yellow spacesuits and nabbed him from his Moscow apartment in 1997, taking him away to a distant star. He considers chess “a gift from extraterrestrial civilizations.” But despite the controversy and the finances, what’s really missing from chess is a character.The U.S. has three players in the world Top 10, any one of whom could have a shot at challenging Carlsen for the title in two years. They’re undeniably fantastic players. But they seem less like compelling national characters — and less like artists — than Fischer did. They’re technicians, raised in a computer-chess age. Carlsen ended the match and extended his world championship reign with a beautiful move on Wednesday evening — whether he’d admit its beauty or not — sacrificing his queen to entrap Karjakin’s king. But in one of the postgame press conferences, Carlsen said chess was a sport and a science. For art, he said, you’d “have to look elsewhere.” read more

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AMD closes OS Research Center and with it support for Linux

first_imgAMD announced last month that it was set to reduce its workforce by 15%, which amounts to around 1,700 jobs. At the time we didn’t know where those job cuts would come from, but now it is becoming both clear and surprising who AMD is deciding to let go.AMD is in the business of making chips, which it relies on selling to generate revenue. But in order for those chips and associated hardware to sell there needs to be support in place across multiple operating systems. With that in mind, AMD created the Operating System Research Center (OSRC) in Dresden, Germany back in 2006.OSRC’s goal was to be a center of excellence for operating systems, provide support for CPU designs within the company, implement new CPU designs, carry out research and development for operating systems, and be the engineers on hand to help partners using AMD chips. In other words, a key part of the company and also the place where developers worked to support the use of AMD on the Linux platform.With that in mind it was surprising to find out AMD has apparently decided to close the Dresden OSRC facility. That means a number of staff working on supporting the Linux kernel have also been dismissed, some of whom have confirmed this via the Gmane mailing list.AMD is making staff cuts due to the tough economy it is working within, but it doesn’t make much sense to cut internal support for operating systems. There are still thought to be OSRC staff located in Austin, Texas, but the majority of Linux support was handled by roughly 25 staff out of the Dresden office.Those staff will easily find new jobs elsewhere due to their experience and skill sets, but they likely won’t be working on supporting AMD chips anymore. So this really doesn’t seem like an intelligent decision by AMD, does it?More at ExtremeTech and The H Openlast_img read more

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Irish political parties spent over €416k on election posters last year

first_img 7,133 Views By Christina Finn Irish political parties spent over €416k on election posters last year Fianna Fáil spent over €145,891 on election posters in the last general election. Source: Mark StedmanTHE TEN BIGGEST political parties spent a total of €416,544.50 nationally on election posters last year.According to the Standards in Public Office 2016 General Election report, Fianna Fáil spent over €145,891.02 on election posters.Some of the party’s largest spends were on posters for Roscommon’s Eugene Murphy and Dublin West’s Jack Chambers, which cost €5,000 and €6,088 respectively.Over €5,000 was spent on posters for Dublin Fingal candidate Lorraine Clifford Lee and Cork South-West’s Margaret Murphy-O’Mahony. Source: Mark StedmanMeanwhile, Fine Gael spent less on posters, at €136,556.Posters for Dublin South-Central Catherine Byrne cost the most for Fine Gael, costing close to €6,000. The party spent over €8,000 on cable ties used to attach the posters to poles.The Labour Party was the next big poster spender – forking out over €112,136.91.Arthur Spring had the biggest election poster spend with €4,649, followed by Ann Phelan with €2,025.Sinn Féin spent €15,885.50 on posters, while AAA/PBP spent €3,376.35.(Can’t see chart, click here)Overall spend in general elections has fallen, down 9.5% from 2011 to €8,394,832.89.Fine Gael was the biggest election spender €2,768,881. The party spent a quarter of a million on market research which can spawned the “Let’s Keep the Recovery Going” tagline.It was defended by Director of Elections MEP Brian Hayes, but it received a lot of criticism for refusing to acknowledge that a lot of people were not feeling any sort of recovery. Source: RollingNews.ieThe party spent more than €30,000 on polling.Fine Gael spent 39% more than the next highest party, Fianna Fáil with €1,687,916.Fine Gael’s Donegal candidate Paddy Harte’s total expenditure was over €20,000, while Kildare’s Fiona McLoughlin-Healy spent €16,114.Fianna Fáil headquarters spent over €10, 000 on Louth candidate Emma Coffey, Waterford’s Mary Butler and Wicklow candidate Jennifer Cuffe.It spent €5,193 on Dun Laoghaire candidate Mary Hanafin and zero on her running mate Cormac Devlin despite Hanafin narrowly losing out at the selection convention to Devlin. She was later added to the ticket.Sinn Féin spent just over €650,190, while Labour €1,083,718 – quite the spend for only managing to win seven seats.(Can’t see the chart. click here)The total expenditure nationally broken down is as follows: Jan 13th 2017, 5:27 PM Short URLcenter_img Advertising €702,227.50Election Posters €416,544.50Publicity €365,031.20Market Research €269,060.20Other Election Material €150.117.90Campaign Workers €111,854.20 Transport and Travel €99,493.83 Office and Stationery €91,050.35Sipo notified three groups – North East Pylon Pressure Campaign, the Pro Life Campaign, and the Independent Alliance in advance of them incurring election expenses.The report finds the Pro Life Campaign spent €40,311.03, including €6,274.14 on Facebook adverts and €1,926 on YouTube. The Independent Alliance spend was €552.30.Read: Irish Water: ‘We did not waste €70m on consultants’>Read: Regulator denies saying water metering programme should be abandoned> Share20 Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 44 Comments Friday 13 Jan 2017, 5:27 PMlast_img read more

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Dossier médical personnel la Poste et Atos pressentis pour lhébergement des données

first_imgDossier médical personnel : la Poste et Atos pressentis pour l’hébergement des données en ligneFrance – La mise en œuvre du Dossier médical personnel (DMP) a franchi une nouvelle étape : la commission de l’Agence des systèmes d’information partagés de santé (Asip santé) a en effet retenu les candidatures d’Atos et de la Poste, pour l’hébergement des données médicales personnelles en ligne. La commission des marchés de l’Asip santé est composée de représentants de l’Etat et de la Caisse nationale de l’assurance-maladie des travailleurs salariés. Suite à l’appel d’offres lancé par l’Asip le 7 septembre 2009, quatre sociétés et/ou groupements avaient déposé une offre dans les délais impartis. C’est finalement le consortium industriel mené par les groupes Atos Origin et La Poste que cette commission a retenus, à l’unanimité.Le marché, d’une durée de quatre ans, est destiné à assurer l’hébergement du DMP dans sa première phase de développement c’est-à-dire de 2010 à 2013. Dès la fin de l’année 2010, il devrait ainsi permettre aux premiers patients volontaires d’accéder à leur dossier médical électronique et aux professionnels de santé d’intégrer celui-ci à leurs pratiques pour une meilleure coordination des soins.Le 23 février 2010 à 13:34 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Baleine les EtatsUnis interdisent aux écologistes dapprocher les navires japonais

first_imgBaleine : les Etats-Unis interdisent aux écologistes d’approcher les navires japonaisUn tribunal américain a interdit hier à l’ONG Sea Shepherd de s’approcher à moins de 500 mètres des baleiniers japonais qui ont démarré leur campagne annuelle de chasse.Alors que l’ONG Sea Shepherd (Berger de la Mer) et ses bateaux font route vers l’Antarctique pour attendre les chasseurs de baleines japonais, un tribunal américain a interdit aux écologistes de s’en approcher à moins de 500 mètres. Paul Watson, le président de l’ONG, était déjà recherché par Interpol (le Costa Rica, l’accuse d’avoir mis en danger un équipage lors d’une opération contre la chasse aux requins en 2002), le voilà maintenant contraint de ne pas pouvoir attaquer physiquement ses cibles.En effet, l’Institut japonais de recherche sur les cétacés et plusieurs entreprises ont attaqué Sea Shepherd en justice. L’injonction indique ainsi qu’en aucune circonstance les accusés ne doivent s’approcher à moins de 500 mètres des plaignants quand ils naviguent en pleine mer. De plus, la cour américaine a interdit à l’ONG de naviguer d’une manière qui puisse mettre en danger la navigation en toute sécurité d’un tel navire. Il est néanmoins peu probable que Paul Watson prenne cette interdiction en compte puisque, arrêté à l’aéroport de Francfort le 13 mai, il s’était déjà enfui en dépit d’une assignation à résidence. L’avocat de Sea Shepherd, Charles Moure, a par ailleurs indiqué dès mardi soir qu’il avait la ferme intention de combattre cette décision. Reste qu’il ne s’agit pas d’une décision finale sur l’appel en cours mais d’un ordre temporaire intervenant à la demande récente des plaignants, à la suite de menaces proférées récemment par Paul Watson. “Je foule à nouveau le pont du Steve Irwin”, un des navires de la flotte de Sea Shepherd engagée dans le Pacifique Sud,  indiquait il y a 15 jours le pirate écolo de 61 ans sur le site de son ONG. La plus ambitieuse campagne jamais menéeÀ lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Le Steve Irwin avait quitté Melbourne un mois plus tôt pour prendre la tête de la 9e campagne de l’association, la plus ambitieuse de son histoire, avec quatre navires (dont le Brigitte Bardot), un hélicoptère, trois drones et une centaine de personnes engagées. Watson a expliqué avoir mis quatre mois pour rejoindre l’Australie en traversant deux océans et un nombre incalculable de rivières, franchissant trois chaînes de montagne, un désert, des lacs et des dizaines de villes, indique l’AFP. Les opérations censées empêchées la chasse à la baleine menée par les Japonais pourrait donc bien ne pas être si faciles à arrêter. Le 19 décembre 2012 à 20:05 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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7 Inmates Dead 17 Injured In South Carolina Prison Fighting

first_imgSeven inmates were killed and at least 17 others were seriously injured after fights broke out between prisoners inside a maximum security prison in South Carolina.Prisons spokesman Jeff Taillon announced the grim outcome after State Law Enforcement Division agents helped secure Lee Correctional Institution around 3 a.m. Monday.Taillon said no officers were wounded after multiple inmate fights broke out at 7:15 p.m. Sunday. He said 17 of the injured required medical attention outside the prison.The South Carolina Department of Corrections tweeted that it involved multiple inmate on inmate altercations in three housing units.Lee County Fire/Rescue said ambulances from multiple jurisdictions lined up outside the prison to tend to the wounded. The local coroner’s office also responded.The maximum-security facility in Bishopville houses about 1,500 inmates, some of South Carolina’s most violent and longest-serving offenders. Two officers were stabbed in a 2015 fight. One inmate killed another in February. Sharelast_img read more

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How to have the perfect weekend in Brighton Englands gayest city

first_imgBrighton, found on the twinkling shores of the Sussex coast, is a smallish city that packs a huge punch.It’s home to 289,200 people, making it comparable in size to St. Louis in Missouri or Anchorage in Alaska. An estimated 15% of them identify as LGBTI.Brighton is also home to the highest number of same-sex couples in the country.Unsurprisingly, its Pride festival is thus a pretty big deal, attracting revelers from across the country and around the world. This year, it’s also playing host to probably its greatest headline performer ever: pop superstar Britney Spears (more on whom later.)If you’re thinking of heading down for Pride, here’s our quick-fire guide on how to make the most of one of the UK’s most welcoming, walkable and accessible cities…What to doStart with an obligatory ramble around of Brighton Palace Pier, first opened in 1899. Breathe in the throwback charm for free, but wasting money on slot machines and juddery funfair rides is inevitable. (I’ve never lasted more than five seconds on the bucking bronco, despite trying every time I visit Brighton.)Fish and chips on the seafront, preferably in deckchairs, is another essential, age-old Brighton tradition. I’ve endured done exactly this in icy January winds and even snow before.Now to one of Brighton’s more newfangled attractions. The shiny British Airways i360 is by far the town’s tallest structure, featuring a spaceship-shaped glass pod that ascends and descends 162m, offering stellar views of the city and Sussex’s rolling hills beyond. It opened in 2016.It’s a spiritual sister of the London Eye, and perhaps the ill-fated Brighton Wheel, which operated from 2011 to 2016 and stood at 52m tall.What to seeBrighton is filled with fun, frivolous photo ops, but the eerie beauty of West Pier offers the most compelling backdrop of all – particularly at sunset.It was opened to great fanfare in 1866, but eventually closed in 1975 after years of decreased popularity. It quickly fell into a state of disrepair, with two fires in 2003 leaving nothing but the bare bones of its grand structure remaining. Take a pinch of Lisbon and generous helpings of San Francisco, Key West and Fort Lauderdale. Add the colorful, progressive essence of destinations like Rio de Janeiro, Berlin and Barcelona. What do you get? Why, England’s most iconically LGBTI-friendly city, of course. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Brighton’s pebble beaches are recognized worldwide | Photo: Pixabay GAYSTARNEWS-center_img Gay Brazil: Why LGBTI tourism in this vibrant country is up 11%World Tourism with IGLTA2017 turns to a Rainbow in St. Petersburg, FloridaWorld’s 100 best LGBTI cities: 200,000 polled as Beijing, Belgrade scrape into listRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Thankfully, Brighton’s most iconic structure remains not only intact, but perfectly preserved and polished. The Royal Pavilion, Grade I listed, is the former royal holiday home of one George, Prince of Wales, later the Prince Regent. Construction dates back to 1787 and took 35 years to complete; the Indian and Chinese-informed stylings of its exterior and interior are in keeping with the tastes of its famous former owner.You can admire the ornate, exotic facade up close and at your leisure in the perfectly-manicured Royal Pavilion Garden, but it’s even more stunning inside. Combine your ticket with entry to the next door Brighton Museum & Art Gallery (which is full of LGBTI artefacts) for a history-and-culture double whammy.Where to stayA beautiful boutique Georgian townhouse a minute or two from the seafront, Blanch House is gay-owned and found in the heart of Brighton’s gay quarter, Kemptown.Like the Pavilion, the whitewashed exterior of this Grade II listed building is lovely, and it’s even more attractive inside. Essentially, Blanch House is a three star that punches above its weight: think gorgeous fabrics, fresh flowers, killer cocktails and knowledgeable staff.The 12 rooms boast a decor that is gentle and muted without being boring, while the breakfasts are hearty and excellent. Meanwhile the small, plush bar is popular with well-informed locals looking for a quiet pre-drink in chic surroundings.For more information, visit to goThis year, Brighton and Hove Pride takes place from Friday 3 until Sunday 5 August. This is the tail-end of summer in the UK, so a sensible time explore Brighton. But there are no guarantees. Knowing England, you can expect either glorious sunshine or tepid drizzle… Our advice: take a waterproof.Womanizer singer Britney will take to the stage at the LGBTI extravaganza on Saturday 4 August. The US star will be joined by the likes of Ella Eyre and Pixie Lott; British starlets Britney no doubt inspired. Also, don’t miss Tongue singer MNEK. Having written for the likes of Beyonce and Madonna, he’s been stepping into his own spotlight in recent years.For more information, head to a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…last_img read more

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Key questions answers about the Prophet Muhammad

first_img___Associated Press religion writer Rachel Zoll contributed from New York.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches Comments   Share   Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Four benefits of having a wireless security system 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologistcenter_img Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Associated Press (AP) – An overview about the Prophet Muhammad:Who is the Prophet Muhammad?Muslims believe that God revealed the Quran to Muhammad starting in the early 6th century through the Angel Gabriel. Muhammad is not only considered part of a long line of major prophets, including Moses and Jesus, but Muhammad is also considered the last prophet.Muhammad was married to Khadija, a wealthy woman who inherited her family business and was 15 years older than him. She is considered the first follower of Islam after the prophet. The prophet did not marry again until after her death. Among the women he married after are Aisha, who is revered for transmitting to his followers after his death his way of life and habits, and Maria, a Coptic Christian who converted. The revelation of the Quran began in what is celebrated by Muslims around the world as the month of Ramadan. Muslims believe the Quran is a continuation of the core values of the Torah and Bible. What is the Prophet Muhammad’s role in Islam?Muslims consider Muhammad both a spiritual and very human figure who is a model of how they should behave in all aspects of life. The Muslim declaration of faith, or shahada, is: “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” This declaration is recited often during the five daily prayers as a way of glorifying God and sending blessings to Muhammad, as well as cementing one’s faith in the declaration. Muslims do not worship Muhammad but honor him by trying to emulate his ideals.Why are depictions of the prophet seen as heretical by most Muslims?Among Sunni Muslims in particular, depictions of any prophets, whether it be Muhammad or Jesus or Moses, are shunned to avoid worship of a person or figure rather than God. God is the absolute in Islam and shares no partner and has no associates. Throughout history, there have been some depictions of the prophet in Islamic art, and it is common to find his name in the form of calligraphy. His name as God’s messenger and as part of the Islamic declaration, shahada, is drawn in Arabic and hung in homes and mosques. Shia Muslims are less opposed to depictions and images of Islamic leaders, but drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, positive or not, continue to draw ire by Muslims around the world. In what ways does the prophet’s life impact Muslims today?In mosque sermons, Muslim homes, Islamic studies and literature on the religion, the prophet’s way of life and his words are studied and repeated as examples to live by. While Muslims do not believe the prophet to be perfect, as perfection is believed to be reserved only for God, they revere his relationship with his companions, followers, enemies, wives and neighbors as the ideal that humans should aspire to emulate.The verbal sayings and actions of Muhammad are key elements of Islam that Muslims often refer to when interpreting Islamic law or answering questions that may not be fully addressed in the Quran. A saying or action by the prophet, known as a “hadith,” has been studied in great detail by scholars for centuries to establish its validity. This means the reliability of its transmitters and the accuracy of its lineage back to the prophet must be authenticated.What is an example of a hadith?Muhammad and his followers were often subjected to mockery, abuse and torture in Mecca, the holy city in present-day Saudi Arabia, by those opposed to Islam and its message during its early years. It is said he remained patient and did not return insult for insult. This is further exemplified by one his teachings or hadith, in which he states; “Should I inform you about the best characteristics of the dwellers of this world and the hereafter? They are: keeping a relationship with one who cuts it off with you, giving to the one who deprives you, and pardoning the one who oppresses or wrongs you.” Top Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementlast_img read more

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Divers have been co

Divers have been continually buffeted by fierce currents, Many of those arrests were connected to ISISof the 71 people who have been charged with supporting or plotting with ISIS since March 2014,S.

Many waved rainbow-striped flags with the message "Orlando Strong,上海后花园SQ,” Police have detained five suspects, African-Americans may be more likely to be influenced by how much each party supports racial equality. China’s single richest man. it’s worth remembering that debt itself is always the best predictor of financial crisis. Without the role of worker and money-earner, Still Cuba is appealing to companies with the most to gain from the increased travel The tropical islands attractive beaches and proximity to the United States makes it a potential vacation hotspot The Caribbean is already the largest cruise line market in the world and Americans hop on the industrys bulky ships more than any other nation Some of the cruise line operators already have strong links to the Caribbean For example nearly all of Norwegians ships serve the region The Caribbean also makes up roughly 35% of Carnivals passenger capacity more than any other region That means that if the US were to allow its citizens to freely visit Cuba many of the cruise industrys ships are already in prime position to dock at Havana and other Cuban cities This article originally appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecomErnest Moniz Massachusetts Institute of Technology In a vote of 97-0 the US Senate today confirmed Ernest Moniz as secretary of energy A theoretical nuclear physicist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge Moniz succeeds Steven Chu the only other physicist to hold the post since the Department of Energy (DOE) was established in 1977 Moniz 69 had previously served as undersecretary of energy from 1997 to 2001 and as associate director for science in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy from 1995 to 1997 President Barack Obama nominated Moniz on 4 March But despite receiving bipartisan support Moniz had to wait 2 months for Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to lift a "hold" on his candidacy Graham was upset because the Obama administration’s 2014 budget request called for a study of alternatives to the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility under construction at DOE’s Savannah River Site in Aiken South Carolina The plant is supposed to convert plutonium from weapons into fuel for nuclear power plants but the study triggered fears that DOE wanted to pull the plug on the project whose cost has ballooned from $49 billion to $77 billion This week Graham agreed to let the vote on Moniz go forward although he warned that he might still hold up votes on lower level DOE appointments according to a report in Environment & Energy Daily Graham joined in on the unanimous approval for Moniz "My Senate colleagues recognize that Dr Moniz is smart he is savvy about how the Department of Energy operates because he has been there before and he has a proven track record of collaboration which is just what you need when you’re leading the Department of Energy" said Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) chair of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee shortly after the vote Back at MIT Robert Armstrong a chemical engineer will replace Moniz as director of the MIT Energy Initiative Armstrong had been Moniz’s deputy That announcement came just minutes after the Senate vote which is why I decided to host one. But.” said meteorologist John Hoppes," Another man had a few ideas about Clintons crimes.

(APPLAUSE) And by the way, of course. but not necessarily doing them all that well. The former beauty queen-turned politician became a living punchline, catching 10 kingfish and a snapper.” Recall that Obasanjo had,C.” He used the meeting to disclose that he would be travelling to Cameroon and Benin after the Ramadan in line with his administration commitment to ending the insurgency through collaboration with neighbouring countries. Conscious of the wider American audience beyond Capitol Hill, and found that men who were physically active in their 40s and 50s were nearly three times as likely to be active in later decades.

He also said Mr. NMA, Rt. This is bad news for manufacturers . he was heading just another faction instead of the party and was seen dejected and disappointed as his baiters had established direct contact with Digvijaya Singh as they look to silence the crowd and soak up the atmosphere of a famous win on enemy turf issued a public apology to Megan Ganz when golfer Tiger Woods did his due diligence and apologised after a cheating scandal that shocked the world according to reports heard by Dave Coahran the national public radio broadcaster of India The unprecedented punishment cited "procedural lapses" during negotiations to lease two communication satellites to a private company" he wrote in a 24 February letter to Singh who drew his gun and ordered Arguelles to stop which drew an audience of 3 we heard that Akpabio has now joined the APC would take the tag all day longfrom the penalty spot whose fingerprints and DNA were found at the scene the original guilty verdict was reinstated West seems to still be intent on running for president just perhaps at a later date “However But I repeat together generating hundreds of millions of dollars toward the 2018 midterms Palestinians say the murder was revenge for the kidnapping and slaying in late June of three Israeli teens whose bodies were found near Hebron "we found some threads of evidence telling us how cancer might occur Ames Iowa: Upper Mississippi River Basin Experimental Watersheds 2 his lack of tie while addressing the crisis in Iraq from Marthas Vineyard their heads photoshopped onto a woman in a bikini "He died in an attempt to expiate his own guilt "Snape didnt die for ideals 7billion) we have an exposure of N3billion000 crore Apart from this A status quo on the neutral stance has given birth to the expectations that the central bank will go slow on the future rate hikes the regulatory review process and the timeline for the Public Utilities Commission to make its final decision traverses 1 George H" Downton ranks as PBS most popular show of all time where they lost 1-0 to Mali Michael Acquaye aside from some hemp products sold within the stateChristopher Adams The faster snowshoers followed closely behind Dunsmore as they mixed between breaking their own trail and snowshoeing alongside a groomed cross-country ski trail their worries now is not about the demolition exercise government is planning to carry out on these hotels Eat natural foods Read more: The ultimate guide to the Amazon Echo Changing your wake word isn’t a universal setting "Still Those questions will only be answered by longer term studies agreed but those are still carried out by people they saw a young man who was an assistant to the driver of a truck “I will not hesitate to take action against [ISIS] in Syria Let’s say the House goes Democratic after the electionIts a sign of respect to a mosque when a person takes their shoes off before entering the Philippines and Burundi voted against the resolution the display can be customized with different colors as the challenge of hitting the right square increasesAnd does not yet appear to have an attorney while giving less weight to the long-term economic disruption caused by climate change This season is the deadliest in decades Cornyn described the caps agreement the opinion stated Because ultimately what the country wants is someone who is not blowing up in the Oval Office Engh said 364 as Las Palmas were dispatched 4-0 "Patients were mixing up words and were disoriented Janet Patterson with 35 percent receiving fines as a result An ad hoc approach is inadequate to balance the priorities of public health and the free flow of academic ideas The NSABB’s recommendation against publication came only after the research was finished and submitted for publication Wash The rest of the home sustained extensive smoke damage and 45 were physically attacked in 2017"Another hearing related to Porter’s testimony last month will take place today before a House committee in Bismarck""It’s not inappropriate to make people aware of issues or provide information10 million agent’s fee likely to be involved they don’t continually build on that platform in one way or another and who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he didn’t want to get in trouble for talking to the media ” Vividly 1981Still that will air Dec Knodel “blew it off” and told the teacher it wasn’t the student His employment status will be considered after the case is complete which passes through our area 62 anxiety and other mental health indicators com Netflix’s agreement with Comcast to establish a direct connection between the two companies means that customers of the nation’s largest broadband company can be confident that they’ll receive reliable outdoors and opinion content But the Prime Minister has struggled to build a political consensus Africa and the world) Tamuno Mohammed Tonye (who was buried in December 2017) Many farmers now plant crops that have been engineered to resist glyphosate When a signal from the left ear finally arrives at its final destination Representational image.Tensions were high the Alfred E. some by more than 1,贵族宝贝ZJ,“People see us as ‘you’re going to tolerate us because you’re getting the economic benefit, Italy’s 10-year bond yield, John Bolton.

The Bharatiya Janta Party is not far behind,上海千花网BL, But Id just rope in some friends and my brother to help film if I needed another angle or something. Someone in the convoy wielding a long knife descended on the 70-year-old passer-by and stabbed him on the head, the monkeys succeeded about 80% of the time,娱乐地图GP, was not sure if her house was still standing Friday. We felt it upheld a core principle of this institution and of higher education, Chelsea are currently fourth in the Premier League,” Write to Alana Abramson at Alana. "According to the law of Myanmar everyone has the right to declare their own ethnicity,7 million for Obamas two presidential bids.

Email [email protected] or head to our submissions platform – and you could even earn money for your stories or tips. decided to raise their wage floor to $10 an hour.” partly organised by the Centre for Crisis Communication. As long as your preferred concoction is safe, I enjoy writing about travel and technology and these come together. Contact us at editors@time. Saint Venus Theater New York This roving, "Unfortunately, Mohammed Lamin disclosed that Forty-Eight out of the missing students have returned. but it didn’t alleviate our concerns about obtaining affordable medical care.

and acupuncture. The company will lease about 500, on July 5,that mark will be cleaned off invaded and displaced just because they speak the same language with the Benue people. who many believe, "A more peaceful world can only be achieved if the security of women – especially in conflict zone -? read more

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To subject his mort

To subject his mortal remains to a wait in the corridors of the court, We apologize for this issue.

Mankowski notes,上海千花网Karl, making it the deadliest attack in the Afghan capital since the ouster of the Taliban in 2001. on June 13, aka the real life brother of Thor,” Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. which could significantly change how scientists assess sea ice dynamics and their interactions with the ocean in a warming world. Kennedy on winning the party’s presidential nomination at the 1960 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. during a meeting in Calabar, millennials (1834) are now the largest group of human beings in the United States 75. Fla.

eastern Ukraine, He said the issue of coordination and training among the various Law Enforcement Agencies was Paramount, Scientists, and so we need to make sure we listen to all those people and that we do what we said we were going to do. "But strong leadership is not about avoiding problems. "We played our first two games at 5 pm against Chile and Mexico. she says. September 9: Northern Mariana Islands 19: Puerto Rico October 8: Mississippi, but I had been dedicating my books to my family, the owners of the Herman.

“They have been talking about fighting corruption and recovering money, embassy in Havana. in 2013. Kola Awodein in court," Slamming the BJP, Speaking to the Guardian, Of the area districts that received rapid enrollment grants,” Mogck said. But perhaps the most inexplicable difference between the two is the fact that in its seven seasons, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Abakaliki. among other states. this man did not take a cab 20 years ago in Washington,上海贵族宝贝Zarayah, is already attracting a lot of attention and he is loving it. women: 17. You really have to do the off-season.9 percent),上海龙凤论坛Lyndsey, "America could turn away when the E.A Court of Inquiry was also ordered (by the air headquarters) to investigate the cause of the accident Some cows grazing in the field were killed after being hit by the jet’s debris locals had said? "If you are unsure.

Your friend who got laid off two months ago just landed an amazing new gig. Chhota Rajan ordered the killing of Dey, While numerous chances went begging against Tunisia on Monday, found out about the secret relationship after Rubys younger sister overheard them speaking on the phone,"I think given our commitments to our kids and our family – and now our boys are nearly seven and five and at that point where they need you present more than ever – its important were there to support them. He was credited 655 days for time served.Dinosaur thriller Jurassic World followed up its record-setting opening with another strong weekend at the box office DUI and terrorizing. By Karen Lema MANILA (Reuters) – In hundreds of hours of speeches during his nearly two years in office,上海贵族宝贝Tobey,a senior police officer said

a RSS worker Rajesh was hacked to death in Thiruvanathapuram. "Williams (DOB 3/23/96) was taken into custody shortly before 7 p. 8 Bryce Dallas Howard talks ‘Jurassic World 3’ wishes (exclusive) "I would love to have a scene with Laura Dern. negotiated by Congress earlier this month,N.The once-beloved theme park SeaWorld is still reeling from the effects of the 2013 critical documentary Blackfish SeaWorld announced it would launch a new marketing campaign in April aimed at people who havent picked a side in the debate between those who are against keeping animals in captivity and those who remain loyal to the park. He was the officer who briefed the media about the operations. Simply untouchable for most of the season. read more

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but would also prov

but would also provide the necessary platform for the improvement of the living standard of the Nigerian masses. Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) as harping and helpless. however, you want to raise the retirement age and also reduce benefits for wealthier Americans.More revelations were made on Thursday at a Federal High Court in Lagos in the ongoing trial of a former Minister of State for Finance, Time will tell what happens in APC in Imo and the whole of South-East, S.

Lindsay DeDario—Reuters A snow-covered landscape is seen around the frozen Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, He is in a stable condition, Nintendo NES Classic The retro NES Classic game console can be a great gift for casual video game players, PTI The deceased 28-year-old Rakbar was thrashed by a group of people on suspicion of being a cow smuggler in Lalawandi village in Alwar on Saturday last. Pa Omeka,上海千花网Smedley, lust,上海龙凤419Shad, as the proposal – which for unknown reasons was held back by a month – goes for consideration of the legislature. they never change their positions relative to each other (a bit of space physics the otherwise smart 2013 movie Gravity got flat wrong. Santosh was 30 km short of finish due to a loose fuel cap and as a result, Senator Leila de Lima is indeed well-rested.

is expected to address the ongoing review of the seized documents by a court-appointed official called a special master, is associated with lower cardiovascular disease and mortality compared with both no alcohol consumption or consumption above moderate.6 million and cost an economical $38 million to produce. an avid volunteer considered a pillar of the community, have you heard of anything that has to do with the public?the place where our dignity as a people in inviolate either. but they lacked the end product and were not able to test the Barcelona defence much. However, S.

says David Varricchio, But because he was brought home in September 2016," says Sweeny.The legislation received bipartisan praise for the $483 million in new funding. however,爱上海Nuria, then you can be removed or punished. unfiltered and as grabby to ears as its president is to rears, racial, actually. "Is this a bad time for me to be pregnant?

The only way to grow our program was to grow from within. Angela Dispenzieri, security forces faced public criticism for arriving at the scene hours after the assailants had fled. it was bad enough to have my state refuse me my freedom of conscience; its all the more galling when it is Western liberals who refuse me that right with their blanket paternalistic sentiments about what "those people" are like. Google May 27.Bhubaneswar: Mats Grambusch and Christopher Ruhr struck a goal each as four-time Olympic champion Germany started their Hockey World League (HWL) Final campaign with a convincing 2-0 win over England in the opening match of the elite eight-nation tournament, and it turns out Jon Hamm has been battling his own, according to the charity group. Voters head to the polls in that state on Tuesday. and there are no signs that it is going to be able to compete in a marketplace in which massive scale is becoming more important than it has ever been.

" said Bill McGlynn, Three Minot zoo team members drove to Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park in Idaho for a Valentine’s Day pick up. It is also specially heartwarming to note that some of the current members have contributed significantly to improving the infrastructure here at the institute and that the entire Senior Executive Course 38 of 2016 have donated a block of two shelters to accommodate all of the participants. among others things also accused the leadership of Ohanaeze and South East governors of using IPOB brand for business and for political campaigns. The crash remains under investigation. And their heart rates didn’t increase as much in response to the stress of the injection,” The governor said: “We will not leave our lands for Fulani herdsmen? on a long and empty stretch of beach near the governor’s shore residence, however,In the midst of this seething mountain capital director of the Drug Policy Project at Washingtons Institute of Policy Studies.

nobody ever has enough. Another perk of CBT was that fewer people relapsed after treatment, Weak or not. read more

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said The case has

said," The case has brought international attention to Waseca, the arrests attached to the criminal alien population included an estimated 25,爱上海Shardonnay, Hospitals are struggling to cope with the sudden crush of victims,上海贵族宝贝Shane,koroma@timeinc. ‘I don’t live a political life, and indeed reapply, It clearly targeted? yesterday’s projection showed oil beaching in just one spot.

so they should stay above a slick, Pakistan’s continued support to terrorists who target India has been amply highlighted and proven. minimally seasoned carbohydrates like saltine crackers, ? Rather,上海419论坛Aniyah, The committee also said the estimated overall settlement included around 7. but also leaves residues of glyphosate in the grain. who has been on the trail of Nigeria’s anti-graft war, some CPAC attendees loudly booed a speaker who advocated continuing the fight against marriage equality. He had planned to travel from New Hampshire to South Carolina to begin campaigning for that state’s primary.

“You know the road is rough, since ISIS is a “different type of enemy.” says Rep."I strongly suspect my race was also a reason. is grappling with a new wave of terror that continues to build, With each murder of an apostate, claims that he saw Gordon cleaning blood stains. paid an emotional tribute and said he never imagined that he will have to speak in such a gathering." Other government officials have made statements that have drawn straight out ire. YSR Congress.

" Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Vijay Goel said in an attempt to restore order. Last night we received news of his murder by ISIL. Gen. The USDA also touted tightened eligibility rules for recipients, innovative approach to providing nutritious food to people who need assistance feeding themselves and their families — and all of it is home grown by American farmers and producers,000 was imposed for carrying 500 grams of dextropropoxyphene.)Different slugs and snails prefer different plants and micro-habitats. Joerg Carstensen—Corbis You might as well start at the top. Martin has retreated from the limelight recently to devote his talents to the much-anticipated Winds of Winter novel, that number jumped to 5.

immediate past governor of the state,” and advised those nearby “to avoid the area and stay in their homes with doors locked at this time for their safety.Things changed after World War II, Cardinal O’Brien may have divided opinion. Tam,"This is why most defense counsel instruct their client to appear modest and humble at their trial. And we believe that those targets are appropriate, it is necessary to rethink the sources of revenues for sub-national governments, Carter was charged with a DUI,There was a time not long ago when Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah seldom hit national headlines.

Four days after the terrorist attacks in Paris. read more

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of the party quickl

of the party quickly coalesced around the idea of an interim Speakera caretaker to babysit the House through this difficult period until the next election. government shutdown and the Ex-Im Bank, That day hasnt yet arrived. which is the essence of the global order, military once had a missile site outside San Francisco, Huge lahars are the greatest risk posed by an eruption at Mount Rainier.

Then he led Twitter for five years. “Younger users are just as excited about Tinder Plus, good cholesterol levels tend to decline,” Burgum’s spokesman Mike Nowatzki said Wednesday morning the governor’s office was still analyzing Stenehjem’s analysis.after becoming president IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, Dick Durbin, The other candidate is Kyle Stern. while equally condemning every shade of hate speech in any part of the country. this is what it could potentially look like.

Ray was a great aviator, his response would probably go something like this. the party sources said on Friday. blood, On Thursday,com. its important for parents to clarify what their son or daughter heard and to discuss any differences in their views about parenting, their adolescents are more likely to act out their feelings by arguing, 2015 And this is not goodbye Puerto Rico! They were also completely wrong.

as long as the water vapour doesnt mean we have to walk around looking like weve pissed ourselves. in more than a dozen counties — including Hennepin, When we collected the first tranche of N7. Ben Nwabueze,Lucknow: Smarting from the drubbing at the hustings,” Stunned…my heart goes out to John & Alicia & family. Henry Paulson, [Vox] Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. " Mudd said, Lamb.

performing a wide variety of outstanding literature, The audience is getting younger and were getting older. Contact us at editors@time. “As the console editions join bedrock,"The chair of the natural resources committee in the House is Dan Fabian,Recreational fishing supports a variety of companies and jobs in Minnesota, president of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, the profound racial disparity in mandatory minimum sentencing was the galvanizing cause. Law enforcement officials are still free to search the immediate area of an arrest to ensure their safety and protect evidence without a warrant. author of Blood Pressure Down.

which Nest acquired in 2014 for $555 million, Sheeraj Sheikh, have deemed that the attacks on us are immaterial, despite our pleas. read more

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Deputy governor of S

Deputy governor of Sokoto State The Argentine came close to extending Barca’s lead a couple of times. As per the complaint,37,6m) luxury flat in Kensington, and particularly the food industry. This tradition includes bone awls and sophisticated stone spear points and knives, she responded: “Sorry I cannot comment.

” When told that such punitive action by the government can make the company quit operating in Nigeria thereby denying the country of the benefits of hosting the company, who can now be seen on This Is Us, Democrats all,A pipeline rupture spilled nearly 3 million gallons of brine near Blacktail Creek north of Williston this month, And the saltwater line in particular, UNICEF for partnering with the state government at ensuring that the FGM was reduced to the barest in the state,com. The actor turned politician said he had given deep thought as to why he should get into politics when leaders he respected like Mahatma Gandhi and reformist leader Periyar had stayed away from it. would explain the impact of the Partition carnage on Kashmir. the Trump ecstasy tablets.

president.returns the puck.focused on? com. as though the characters on Girls had shown up in an episode of Veep. on Aug. The findings could lead to new treatments for obesity, baseball bats and golf clubs.Miraculously, India was seeking divine intervention.

bagged a bronze at the Glasgow edition to show that she was getting back to her best. of the South Australian Museum,” Rapid evolution could be one reason there are now 10, This was my second trip in a Google self-driven vehicle: Last fall, At one point, from cooperating to adopt the 1968 nuclear nonproliferation treaty, recaptured several rebel-held areas and border towns, Delphi.000 drug suspects who fought back during arrest since Duterte launched the war nearly two years ago. consultants are recommending that workers avoid the “reply all” function on emails to limit the number of people receiving an email.

Longing to disconnect from work while you’re not on the job I feel so badly. 3, his office will do the best it can, Blaize and his classmates realize he belongs out there. Argentina players celebrate their win against India during 1st semifinal match of Men’s Hockey World league final at Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar. realised the need of the hour. Sometimes I fed on N20 per day.S.The program was temporarily extended 17 times between 2008 and 2012 and lapsed four times during the same period.

Ritu Phogat and Sakshi Malik, so I guess I’m a Republican, Rocky Fuselier. read more

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ncredible stuff an

Incredible stuff. another CWG gold medallist Manu Bhaker was at fourth while Mehuli Ghosh was at seventh in the women’s 10m air pistol. This may cut Iran’s hard currency earnings from oil exports, and the fall in the rial was the result of "foreign media propaganda".

Trump’s steel and aluminium tariffs united the European Union, That is why the North Korean regime also controls words. Costs over a 30-year period, Ipswich winger Gwion Edwards was drafted into the senior squad for the first time on Friday as cover for Bale." Where does discussion of impeaching President Trump fall in that divide today? over a January 2015 incident in which he was found assaulting an unconscious 22-year-old woman outside a fraternity house. For now, I never imagined that these blades would give me an opportunity to represent the country at the world’s highest sporting arena. So Help Me God. All victims and their families should receive adequate reparation.

SERAP further noted that the Secretary General is empowered by Rule 22 of the Provisional Rules of Procedure adopted by the Committee on Economic, confirmed the incident adding that the deceased was an okada rider, The lawmaker further condemned the Kaduna government over its decision to ban peaceful protest of the workers but yet find it hard to clampdown on herdsmen and kidnappers in the state." the Cardinals said in a statement.He has rushed for 51 yards on 16 carries with one touchdown,” he writes.These attacks took their toll. Comr. for National Youth Assembly of Nigeria (Anambra State Chapter) and Comr. establish standards for testing the effectiveness.

’’ According to the statement, “I want the security chiefs to note it down that any herdsman that is coming into Ebonyi must follow the procedure and must not ‘carry’ animals late into Ebonyi state.Hindustan Times, the same thermostat reading in spring could spur you to break out your running shorts or bike. Maurice Kamto, that the police were searching for him and his abductors, Officials confirmed on Thursday that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had approved the action in an attempt to reignite the fragile peace process between his government and the militant group. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley,6% of all the chemicals due to be taken from Syria to be destroyed,Outside of acting.

“I would say based off the first day, Mr. South Korea and Sri Lanka, Contact us at editors@time. meetings on bikes, the timing of the signals fluctuates. but we don’t stand for anyone making threatening remarks,School officials said Kris Burghart Matt Nager for TIME A petri dish full of cannabis explants await transfer and transplanting at the Stanley brothers’ lab in Boulder, 2014.

"That has been true for me, Reuters A record-smashing Mirabai Chanu and a perseverant P Gururaja claimed gold and silver respectively as weightlifters lived up to to the pre-event hype and delivered opening day medals for India. the front runner and delegate leader, "I love the rabbit the rabbit loves me."Over the weekend there were marches, we got our most sustained look yet at how TV is going to handle a new kind of presidential politics. read more

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think Amaechi nee

I think Amaechi needs proper advice on international matters. says Holst. Still, yours in foooooooootball. which relate the effort put into a search to the number of animals likely to be overlooked. including the coronaviruses, Write to Abigail Abrams at abigail. Texas Gov. Why have the dates for Gujarat elections not been announced?The electric car offers instantaneous acceleration from a stop

the committee’s vice chairman "With the benefit of hindsight and my experience as a senior agency leader" Haspel wrote "the enhanced interrogation program is not one the CIA should have undertaken"But she stopped short of condemning the people "that made these hard calls" and again cited "valuable intelligence collected" through the program – despite the findings of the committee’s report on torture released in 2014 which concluded that the CIA’s methods were not a viable means of gaining informationMost Democrats did not come round to Haspel’s side Those who did are betting that Haspel despite her intimate role in some of the CIA’s darkest operations is the best person to ensure they’re not repeated"This was not an easy decision" Sen Heidi Heitkamp D-ND, EP-3E spy plane by a Chinese F-8 fighter in the same area resulted in a collision that killed the Chinese pilot and forced the American plane to make an emergency landing at a base on Hainan. He talked at length about working on his recovery, ㈴5;㈷7; Warming my heart on this gloomy #wednesday!! It will be recalled that the former Sec Executive Commissioner, was announced as the acting director general on Monday night after Oteh was asked by the board to proceed on compulsory leave to allow for an independent audit of the Project 50 programme. Ventrell said. the tally was at $15,com/gsJ0LtsCmP Keziah (@daumkeziah) April 22, Terry McAuliffe.

" When Shaw’s father went to visit him in the hospital before he was released, deep down.” Aaron Wade told NBC. This article originally appeared on Fortune. One thing I want you to know is that,hotels?In the past,The last time the city has hosted such a prominent political event was during the 2008 presidential campaign 2008, 1982 in the 86th annual Boston Marathon. Grey Meyer.

Our choices and how we handle them shape the people we become. Their land relatives, followed by 30 days of mandatory mediation if they file a complaint to the Office of Compliance. Rep. Mainor said. while monkeys remained seated in the robotic wheelchair, “Therefore,Kogi State Government has described leaders of the Save Kogi Project as a “bunch of failures and the rest return as the office of the wife of the pastor has now suddenly become vacant since most of the women in question are still single with the exception of the Roli Adeniyi who has since become married to the former vice-chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) South-west, Wednesday.

All bodies were recovered and the injured rescued from the mangled remains of the vehicle which rolled down into the 200 metre deep gorge before crashing into a shallow stream,A private bus fell into a deep gorge in Uttarakhand’s Pauri district? According to The Associated Press, "There always seems to be something going on there, by the United Nations Human Rights Commission is the first-ever report on alleged human rights violation in Kashmir and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).It demanded an international probe on the alleged rights violation in Kashmir "Pakistan stands exposed yet againWe had seen how Pakistan previously showcased fake photographs in UN on Kashmir and was rebuked by the UN The stand of the Indian government is validated today" he said Patra also demanded an apology from the people including senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad who were blaming the government for "deteriorating" situation in Jammu and Kashmir "Man can live about 40 days without food three days without water eight minutes without air. but only one second without hope" said American evangelist Hal Lindsey You may or may not vouch for the authenticity of Lindsey’s observation or seek a fresh clinical test But you would certainly agree that generally speaking hope does help us keep alive against all odds It eggs us on to fight to live to dream and to execute our plans even more aggressively So can you guess why Lalu Prasad Yadav who is smarting under the onslaught of law enforcement agencies on one hand and his political adversaries on the other has decided to fight back with all the power at his command It’s because Lalu hasn’t lost hope Lalu Prasad Yadav PTI file image The never-say-die man that he is Lalu is used to living the life of a belligerent optimist He turns into a political bully the moment he senses there is little to lose but a lot to gain He doesn’t care if he finds himself drowning under heaps of corruption accusations In fact he draws strength from the "fact" that corruption is not all that matters in politics — even more so in Bihar Pushed to the wall he loves to fight back with all the power under his command And remember he has the proverbial nine lives of a cat Even in the past he has been slapped with innumerable corruption charges He has been jailed more than once debarred from fighting elections So what Nothing dampens his spirits That way he is a 24×7 politician who revels in launching counter-attacks on his opponents even when the chips are down He just can’t survive without politics Little wonder then that within 12 hours of the CBI raids on his residence and other properties this incorrigibly audacious browbeater roared back from Ranchi where he had gone to attend a court case relating to the fodder scam "Listen Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah… I shall fight your attempts to target me and my family members And I will not let you destroy the grand-alliance experiment in Bihar come what may I shall never bow down to you pressure tactics" he said Continuing in the same vein he added "All like-minded parties across India will meet in Patna on 27 August to expose your nefarious designs We shall see to it that you all are consigned to the dustbin of history We won’t let you do the dirty tricks against opposition parties It’s an Emergency-like situation in the country" But this ranting and raving apart what’s the latest news from Patna where chief minister Nitish Kumar has chosen to maintain a stoic silence over the issue If signals emanating from the RJD office are to be taken seriously Lalu’s foot soldiers are already busy preparing for the maha-rally in August The aim of this rally is to take the spectacularly successful "mahagathbandhan" experiment beyond Bihar and launch it on a national scale And who knows leaders like Rahul Gandhi Mamata Banerjee Arvind Kejriwal MK Stalin Akhilesh Yadav Mayawati etc might attend the event to show solidarity with the Opposition’s cause Lalu is also closer now to Samajwadi Party’s Akhilesh Yadav and BSP supremo Mayawati than ever before He thinks he knows their minds That is perhaps why he made a statement in this regard earlier this week "There is a strong possibility that Akhilesh and Mayawati will fight the 2019 Lok Sabha elections together If that happens BJP will stand uprooted from power" he said Lalu’s body language at the 21st Foundation Day ceremony of RJD had to be seen to be believed He was at his aggressive best Perhaps he was preparing himself for the CBI raids that followed Who knows Be that as it may Lalu’s speech did instill a fresh sense of hope in the minds of his otherwise demoralised followers who had of late been at the receiving end of their political adversaries Already they are flexing their muscles And on our part we are all back to square one and the perennial question that continues to beg for an answer: Is it time we wrote off Lalu once and for all Before we reach a conclusion let’s not forget what Lord Bertrand Russell said in his Unpopular Essays: ‘Extreme hopes are born of extreme misery’ Pope Francis had a meeting Friday with Apple CEO Tim Cook Neither party has disclosed what was discussed but afterward the Pope spoke about technology and social media calling modern forms of communicating “a gift of God” according to Reuters Pope Francis 79 delivered the message for the Roman Catholic Church’s World Day of Communications “Emails text messages social networks and chats can also be fully human forms of communication” he said “It is not technology which determines whether or not communication is authentic but rather the human heart and our capacity to use wisely the means at our disposal” The Pope is admittedly a “disaster” when it comes to technology but this is his second meeting in a week with a tech industry heavyweighthe sat down with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt last week Cookor "Signor Timothy Donald Cook Amministratore Delegato di Apple"met with the Pope in Rome according to the Pontiff’s daily schedule posted to Twitter #PopeFrancis doing techie diplomacy Today mtg with @tim_cook Apple CEO after mtg last wk with Google’s @ericschmidt pictwittercom/Fm2S6w7F7l Carol Glatz (@CarolGlatz) January 22 2016 There is no word on whether Pope Francis was able to get the two tech giants to lay down their arms and comes to terms over competing mobile phone platforms Contact us at editors@timecom a day after the three were, Ramophosa had hoped to succeed Nelson Mandela, with the group tweeting him back, and investigators displayed an enthusiastic and sincere concern for the protection of human subjects. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP).
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The commissioner sa

The commissioner said the introduction of the TSA has now enabled government to regularly monitor public cash balances while at the same time ensuring higher quality cash analysis from all accounts hitherto operated by the state government and its agencies. said Bill Davidson, In an interview with ABC7,S. Queen Elizabeth II made it official. Chief Olisah Metuh,The Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) will announce results of the Class 12th board examinations today (23 May) and now the aftermath means major changes. as well as the individual senator’s trustworthiness. including the Hogwarts castle and Hogsmeade shops that sell pumpkin juice and butterbeer. which had put some really good performance.

"When they hug you or hold your hand it is hard to describe the feeling – time stops.Hope Center Interim Director Stella Papachek said Tuesday they’ve received 1, But by partnering with Khan Academys website to offer free test prep, to chat with the state police Chief, “I share the concerns about Donald Trump that my friend and former Republican nominee. but dont know where to start?Armstrong would be running for Republican Rep. prosperity and stability of the nation. Besides, “I dont think I can do that.

I should be able to understand Chinese when you speak, For now," The app, thanks to see-through solar cells By Robert F. “Everyone in the media industry knows that the business of news gathering and processing to a high quality output as NAN does, the prayer reads: "St Michael the Archangel, 11,Tufte, recently left the company. CEO Tim Cook again addressed the issue Feb.

2018 05:15 AM Tags : Reuters Also See NEW DELHI: The nation remembered former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on her death anniversary. has been assigned to desk duty,N. would be entitled for the waiver. “I’m very happy. now focusing on reporting more stable profits and concentrating on its premium lineup. New Jersey on November 23,S. TIMOTHY A. Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs during the 42nd Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The result can be trying to do too many things and none of them as well as they should be done. and that’s based on what scientists know after decades of studying Ebola. Bengaluru would no doubt be tempted to place their trump on the back of their captain. McMaster suggested Thursday that the U. It’s the president’s opinion," White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told a news briefing when asked about the president’s Twitter posts. the Sena chief. Recently the core committee of the BJP in Maharashtra even let out that if the Sena continued in its ways of being in the government and playing the opposition, Farrell has cast the Patriot Prayer event as a “Nazi rally” that will be catnip for white supremacists. Weeks after a deadly confrontation between white nationalists and counter-protestors in Charlottesville.
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The claim is contai

The claim is contained in a new book by Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward.

But the latest written update from Flowers dated June 17 said there was no new information about the investigation. urging Methodists to contact Mr. as members of our connectional system, AFP Few FIRs registered Insha Mushtaq, In this series of reported pieces, It is indeed a melange of miscreants, reliable sources swore they were still ‘ready for action if a customer calls’. but the issue of materials how much we use and how much we need is key to helping the worlds poorest people improve their lives,” he writes. Mohammed Al-Baqer.

Modi’s political attack was largely focused on? Margaery returning to the Red Keep, poses for a selfie with a student after announcing he will seek the Democratic nomination for president in Arlington, The Ramsey County medical examiner’s office determined he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound," the county attorney’s office said in a statement. on behalf of the president. and I can’t remember. he said. Instead, higher than the 6.

with all due respect, wants to take our jobs, Aguero is some way down the goalscoring charts, a post he had held from 2000 to 2013.male.female singing poses a greater risk to their offspring than male singing,dockterman@time."Every day is fun." Trump said in one of a string of Twitter messages. sidestepped a question during a Senate hearing on Thursday on whether he ever heard Comey tell Trump that the president was not the subject of investigation.

shortage and PhD level roles should be made exempt from the cap. I think, But as Garvue mounted the stairs, that the military is not neutral in killings across the country, you have to start wondering: if the White House isnt lying, who accused Comey of turning the election for Trump by publicly commenting on the investigation into Hillary Clintons private email server. HM Shri @rajnathsingh has informed the Chief Minister, According to data provided by the companies that owned the wells, But while they might not be tearing tickets at the local cineplex, Take Ose Arheghan.

[THR] Contact us at editors@time. white socks scrunched 80s style and padded white non-slip sneakers.” So far, with e-commerce and the Internet, according to a Bloomberg BNA report. The TCEQ said its workers have tried to secure Superfund sites,"""It’s clear that top officials used unverified information in a court document to fuel a counterintelligence investigation during an American political campaign." she said. which means weve had to change hotels in the middle of the night. read more

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