Micro-blog marketing should return to rational how to launch the right micro-blog marketing

"your fans more than one hundred, you are like the magazine; more than one thousand, you are a bulletin board; more than ten thousand, you are like magazine; more than one hundred thousand, you are a metropolis daily; more than one million, you are a national newspaper; more than ten million, you are more than television. One hundred million, you are CCTV." About micro-blog’s description of this is anecdotal spread. The rise of micro-blog makes grassroots Internet users gain a certain right to speak and become a tool to challenge the authority of traditional media discourse.

The micro-blog

has become the new mainstream Internet marketing positions, it is the propagation characteristics of strong micro-blog has, resulting in a variety of marketing companies, organizations and individuals from micro-blog launched at the beginning, began to study how to make micro-blog’s best interest to generate. With more and more fire micro-blog, a variety of micro-blog marketing methods and techniques flooded the entire Internet industry, but also to make micro-blog marketing has become the focus of a variety of industry meetings, parties, seminars and research.


as the emerging network media, because of their own is still in the process of development and changes in the living environment more chaos and bad, so often become the arena distribution field and attack source, event rumors, "Navy" rampant, "50 Fen party" times, many public relations companies the network marketing and "negative delete" development has become the main source of profit, it may even become the industry’s unspoken rule".

aside the use of micro-blog for network violence, public opinion guidance, then how can we carry out the right enterprise rational micro-blog marketing? Do a good job in the enterprise micro-blog marketing, build network brand, is not difficult.

first want to do a good job micro-blog spread, you must first micro-blog can bring you what

1, information release: showing the brand image and product selling points, showing the spirit of the staff, a more abundant display.

2, with the target consumer to establish emotion: listen to the consumer’s recommendations and expectations of the product, to understand consumer demand for products, the establishment of a public market research group.

3, customer service: to provide cutting-edge information, services and products, and consumers face to face communication, give full play to the interaction of micro-blog.

4, crisis monitoring, early warning and rapid processing: immediate detection of consumer dissatisfaction with enterprises and products, rapid response, the establishment of a good market response mechanism.

know what micro-blog can bring, you need to give micro-blog a clear positioning. This needs to be based on the characteristics of the company’s products, such as the needs of micro-blog’s characteristics of good planning.

1, the official micro-blog, micro-blog has become the official role of the enterprise that it is the first to spread the official information, passed to each of the users concerned about the correct, accurate and timely information. Do not in the enterprise micro-blog every day around the "little moon" "360 Tencent" controversy "Mengniu and Yili" a hot topic of non-stop speech, your consumers.

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