nterview with Wang Tong how basically the fire derivative from the media


How do

do fire "big coffee micro interview" the derivative

from the media?

with this question, I came to Beijing to visit the Wang Tong teacher, Wang Tong teacher is the Internet master, his consulting fees for each customer every year since 3 million, with the guidance of my two hours, instant ideas straightened completely.

the great value of the guidance, the benefits are as follows:

1, easy to do micro business from the media first.

2, can immediately profit from the media.

3, within three months of "micro big coffee" this book will be published.

4, one or two years can make big coffee micro interview with Wang Tong teacher resources listed.

how to operate? Wang Tong teachers are as follows:

the first step: the title should be short, shocking attractive.

article to have spread, the title is the University asked. You write the first three interview, the title for two, this is a taboo, it is difficult to spread, and must be changed.

the title of an article can not be more than 15 words, but also to shock people, the first time to seize the reader’s eye, so that it is conducive to communication.

second step: the article should have a framework to analyze the pain points, depicting the benefits.

article is just a communication tool between you and the reader, in the communication, you must be in the shortest possible time to attract each other, and then the other side will further communicate with you.

first to analyze each other’s problems and pain, the reader will be able to find a sympathetic feeling, and then feel that this article can help themselves, and then will be interested to see it. Next, you will be able to give a list of specific benefits to the reader, it is more attractive.

interview content should be written in accordance with this routine, it will fire up.


is not afraid of long, not afraid of no logical framework. With the framework, and then long article is no problem.

third step: hair articles, write articles important than 10 times. The whole network issued a document, the implementation of strict.

an article to spend 10 hours to write, to spend 20, 30 hours to send articles. It is more important to write articles than to write articles. This will influence each.

After the completion of the

article, to manually send 50 to more than 100 network platform. As long as the energy, these can be done.

there are two advantages of doing so:

1, the rapid expansion of the entire network of their influence.

2, the promotion of the interviewer, to bring benefits to the interviewee. You first bring publicity benefits to large coffee, coffee will forward your article to help you propaganda, which in turn will be better to expand your influence.

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