Jiang Likun how to play a good traditional fans economy

on the Internet every year there will be some new concepts, some of these concepts is a good concept can really solve the problem, and there is a false concept only wurenzidi. This does not, in recent years the fans economy became very popular, especially WeChat hot, directly promoted the development and popularization of the fans economy. If the circle of people, WeChat did not have thousands of friends are embarrassed to greet people; if the enterprise, not the entire WeChat public number is almost behind the symbol. Of course, I am not saying that fans economy is not good, on the contrary, I think the fans economy is a good idea to solve the problem. But many people understand the fans economy wide, with rotten, so today jianglikun here and we detailed discuss traditional enterprises in the end how fun fans economy.

first, the current situation of fans economy

in the process of long-term contact with the enterprise, I found that many companies understand the fans economy has become a public number is built at WeChat, and then pull the ads, so an advanced and tall things become "soliciting economy" and "economic small ads". Some enterprises in order to make people pay attention to their own public number, exhausted brains: do hotel concern micro signal after providing free WiFi password, do the hotel WeChat public number for drinks or discounts, food concerns directly send food, there’s really no East West sent, sent directly to beauty, Dr. 234567 girls wear sexy bikinis, invite people to pay attention to.


had a concern, is the daily small ads serve: a variety of enterprise publicity releases, product introduction, promotional activities, or is reproduced, what Jack, inspirational stories, quotes, news and gossip. While some individual entrepreneurs have replaced the WeChat public platform for personal circle of friends, resulting in a circle of friends now filled with all kinds of advertising, scripts and chicken soup.

in fact, the discerning eye can see this is the wrong idea and behavior, but sadly it is someone to put these in the classic, also vigorously spread. For example, a few days ago jianglikun saw an article about the fans economy, saying that certain fans economy play well in this paper, the WeChat public has N million fans, and then talk about a soliciting experience, is really sad.

two, why fans

to play a good fan of the economy, we must first understand why fans economy, what is its essence. This is called the Tao and the problem of surgery, WeChat, micro-blog, or call it. The so-called "operation without stop", without the guidance of the Tao, is not necessarily can play a very good role.

to talk about this problem, we must first understand what is the essence of network marketing. In fact, network marketing is good, traditional marketing worth mentioning, or now popular mobile marketing, the essence of marketing, network, mobile is just a channel. What is the nature of the marketing the results of the pursuit of marketing is "profit" it should be said that all the work done by the enterprise is basically in pursuit of profit, the enterprise does not benefit >

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