New site traffic to improve the actual combat

first step: ready for rice, fast space, site procedures and publish web content fewer.

points: not for the powerful program, but the program do not use fast acquisition function, released a large number of spam messages, will be released by hand featured content is closely related to the theme of the site.

Description: 1, speed is slow, will lose more than 50% of the flow; 2, don’t hang the window, the window code is stronger, the bottom PV. When I hung 100% super popup rate code, PV only reached 2; 3, do not listen to many webmaster about "the website is rich in content, Pastebin more" this kind of words. New sites no flow, no ranking, even if there is the content of 10G, the engine will not include you a lot of pages. The correct approach is: the content should be less and refined, and do the bottom tune optimization. On the optimization, there have been a lot of owners have introduced, here is not much to say, just remember: the basic starting point is not to optimize the engine seal station, the purpose of oil painting is to increase the effective collection of engines. After careful to do the above points, your site will have a precious initial flow (I call it web site traffic).

second step: brush flow, improve Alexa ranking

in order to get more traffic, you need to have your own web site traffic. Oh, very contradictory. This is the truth. Engines like traffic, ranking high site. New station engine included a small amount of poor, we can use the brush flow method. At the beginning of the year, I used the magic of Muzi and other methods, do not know what we are now using the brush station?.

points: 1, brush out the flow to be stable; 2, the proposed brush to Alexa ranking around 200 thousand, determined not to brush the rankings within 10W. So as not to be closed alexa. As far as I can see, Alexa doesn’t care about 100 thousand sites, and even if you brush, he won’t punish you. So brush to 200 thousand or so safe.

third step: adhere to update content

has the content (really), with the flow (false) engine naturally frequented your website: ranking close to 100 thousand when only the number of pages should be collected Baidu 2~3 million. Recommended to update at least 10 articles a day, up to no more than 1000 articles. You will find that every few days, flow through.

points: (very important Oh) the best hair original content (nonsense); if it is collected, do not directly publish the page, we must make some changes and then released. Such as title, re layout, the similar 2 separate content synthesis of 1 articles, the long title to the simple title and so on (at the time of this writing I feel a bit excited, because this is the most important point oh optimization). Engine like the original, we do so, is to let the thought that your content is original, two is not a clone of 100%. This is also an important guarantee that the engine is not closed.


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