APP developers please respect the user the use of built-in advertising instead of push advertising

Android system open platform, allowing users to enjoy the software services, but also added some trouble – advertising push. Mobile phone software advertising push disaster caused by flooding water on Android system, receiving daily mobile phone advertising push reminder from time to time, often annoying.

how to quickly find out the push advertising APP Android mobile notification bar push advertising, how to get rid of the solution to the Android mobile advertising push · · · ·

a lot of friends on the Internet to help solve the problem, under the needs of many users of Android, software push kill and other software in the application market, which is also a solution. But fundamentally solve the problem is the most important advertising push.

either PC or mobile terminal, the ad itself is not enough to make people tired, on the contrary, mobile advertising has gradually been accepted by the user. According to a survey of mobile phone advertising market research company InMobi recently released show that there are 59% mobile web users have become accustomed to mobile advertising, 67% of people said that mobile advertising can provide better shopping options for them.

there are two forms of mobile advertising software: software built-in advertising and software push advertising. Android’s software is basically free to use, there is no free lunch, software developers also need to make money, so advertising has become their source of income.

software built-in advertising is an acceptable way of advertising, the user has the ability to control it, take the initiative to the user, this is a kind of respect. Users in the demand will have time to download the software, use the software, and will choose to use the software in the leisure time, when opening a software, you will see the ads, even see the built-in pop-up ads, users will have the patience to choose to close or are interested in advertising Click to further understand the advertising information. So whether or not the advertising is a precise directional recommendation, at least the user will not be disgusted.

, however, the user is in a passive position on the push ads, users will feel not respected. Push advertising in the timing of the pop-up notification volume, mobile phone alerts, and stay in the notification bar of Android, if the user does not select Cancel has been unable to remove the notice, some push advertising is overbearing, if you do not click on the download, will remain in the notification bar. This is the author of the most headache thing, when there is no intention to download the software, can only turn off the WIFI and GPRS, and then click on the ads to download the failure to choose the notification bar to cancel the notice.

push advertising always appears in the notification bar, even disturb the normal life of the user, if the user is busy, mobile phone SMS notification sound that is heard, it is found that open advertising, let users dislike. Many times, you will find the source of advertising push APP, and uninstall. For example, a section of the LED light software, push the number of ads so that the author can not connect >

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