[Topic] how to solve the issue of the new version of QQ single friends

opened the QQ this morning, QQ panel will appear such a prompt because of the operating system upgrade, you are using the QQ version will soon stop using, please click on the official website to download the latest version".


because the river is using the 2013 version of QQ, you can easily set up a single friend.


new version of QQ, you can not set, if the other party deleted, the other party’s list is not the same as me.


today also found a problem: I deleted my single friends, find each other in a stranger to me, send message is not received, do not know this is the case or is this.

see this situation there is a feeling of anxiety….

so the question comes

version of the QQ how to solve the problem of single friends in the future QQ marketing how to solve the problem of friends?

welcome everyone to actively discuss, and actively participate in, find solutions, points greatly!!!

discussion can be answered directly below, or to participate in http://s.admin5.net/thread-15975774-1-1.html.

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