Apple Watch upcoming listing, how to deal with the traditional way of marketing watches

network marketing is gradually spread to various industries, is a symbol of the new era of enterprise development. Some of the products in the watch industry, overwhelmed by the impact of Apple’s new Apple Watch, network marketing behavior also seems to need at top speed. This time there are two kidneys sold together, with Apple’s 6 listed, Apple Watch Apple smart watches are also particularly concerned by consumers and the industry. Although Apple Watch is the first generation of products, the scope of attack is only a small part of the market, but Liu Yuhan believes that the development trend of the smart meter has sounded the alarm for the watch industry, want to make their own products to keep up with the trend, to keep up with consumer choice, let your marketing means to keep up with the changing times.

Internet has become a business and consumer communication, interaction and affect the target consumer behavior, the advantages of more obvious marketing media. Compared with traditional media, Internet marketing has the advantages of precision, explosive, interactive, timeliness, comprehensiveness, re experience the convenience of consumers, to better maintain customer relationships. The mobile phone industry with millet, apple as the representative, network marketing means is generally good, the key is that they can do ", a product have fun with the citizens" each can drive the enthusiasm of consumers, with the popularity of the natural sales. And watch brand network marketing seems to be more acceptable, now face the smart watch this rival by Apple launched a strong mobile phone, you have to

is unknown to the public?

Apple Watch is the impact of electronic smart watches price is against at 2000 of the fashion watches and other brands, mainly affected by the crowd mostly consumption capacity is relatively low, or the initial purchase of watches for young consumers. With this part of the market watch brand should be how to deal with the problem of customer churn is facing? Liu Yu thought that should make use of the network marketing to do four words "seek big, seek loyalty".

era of information overload, you do not make a sound, consumers may soon forget you, by other novel, homogeneous products to attract the past. So the brand network volume to be big, let the brand names frequently appear in front of the target population. Continue to use a high readability, a sense of humor, attract attention, high reputation and other words and pictures to guide consumers to follow, recognized brand. What is the best way to enlarge the volume of brand on the Internet? Starting from the two aspects: 1, starting from the hot. 2, starting from the brand. What are the young people concerned about the content? What is hot in their eyes? We will focus their attention on occasion, continuous content; young people will fall in love with our brand? What activities are they interested in? What consumers love, what brand do. Such communication will not be rigid, not waiting for consumers to search, but the initiative to lure consumers, we want to have never heard of the brand, or did not intend to buy products consumers are also affected. This is the future of the watch industry network marketing success or failure of the first pass.

consumer loyalty is a necessary power of brand development, but the future society "loyalty" will be the most extravagant.

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