Mobile domain name registration surge in investment potential concern

      mobile phone users in the domain name as is the use of mobile Internet in the world of numbers, is the user access to the mobile Internet era trailbreaker. This new mobile Internet platform, not only favored by the users, and many investors have registered the


      with the increasingly close relationship between the mobile phone and the Internet, more and more people through the mobile Internet, mobile phone domain name will also be rapid development. The world’s first and only global mobile phone domain name management agency dotmobi said that since the October 2006 launch of a large-scale mobile phone domain name, there are already about 500000 mobile domain names registered in 104 countries. In China, according to China’s largest domain registration and web hosting service provider Chinese network, mobile phone domain in Chinese after landing had a record within one month of registration accounted for 13% of the total number of world records, China in 104 countries registered in ranking rapidly ranked third. The growing number of mobile domain name registration, reflecting the growing number of content developers are committed to providing consumers with quality mobile sites and applications.

      mobile domain name registration surge

      in September last year,.Mobi mobile phone domain name registration open, the domain name and domain name,.Com.Net, is approved by the ICANN domain name, domain name is.Mobi is a specially designed for the mobile phone Internet domain name.

      it is reported that the use of digital business platform based WAP users, only need to apply for the registration of.Mobi domain name, you can easily achieve the real WAP Internet, with mobile phone can also be used as computer Internet operations, such as reading, comments, trading orders etc.. The latest statistics show that at present, including China Telecom, China Construction Bank, China Central People’s broadcasting station, Jinliufu, Tencent, golden group Limited by Share Ltd, Motorola China Electronics Ltd, Founder group and other industry leaders have completed the mobile phone domain name registration.

      while in other areas, some artists have also registered their mobile domain names, such as China’s famous singer Wei Wei In addition, news and entertainment heavyweight website is also actively registered mobile phone domain name, such as ESPN, etc..

      domain name business registration as the main cause of surge

      "because the domain name resource is unique and exclusive, once you have registered, the person with whom you have the same name will no longer have it." A network user to explain the original intention of their mobile phone domain name registration. With the popularity of the network personalized applications, the future of both enterprises and

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