Tmall eleven push zero procedures can be divided into stages of service up to eleven

DoNews news November 4th November 4th, Tmall announced the launch of "installment installment purchase services 11 0 fee" in the double eleven day, through the service, consumers can zero down payment to purchase goods, up to eleven repayment period.


installment purchase business by ant micro loan joint development of Tmall, according to the real name of the user consumption data calculation installment purchase amount, the user can credit consumption. At present, the stage of routine staging provided by Tmall has 3, 6, and 9, of which, the fee for the 3 phase is zero.

Compared to

and other staging period can be used to purchase goods category, the double eleven day, "11 0 fee" support commodity will focus on coverage of Tmall Electric City and home decoration and other categories of goods, including Haier, TCL, Midea, PHILPS, Braun and other domestic almost all small household electrical appliances brand, and many brands of digital 3C, including Apple’s iPhone6 mobile phone.

in addition to the eleven day of the plan to launch the second phase of the 0 installment of the service, the double before eleven, Tmall phased purchase also completed the Taobao, Tmall wireless client coverage. Now, regardless of the consumer through the PC, or by mobile devices, can use Tmall service. (end)

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