EBay next year to enable the first time the new enterprise Logo15 replacement



Logo (on) and Logo (2) (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology news (Tom) Beijing time on September 14th, according to foreign media reports, eBay announced today that the company will replace the new trademark Logo. Currently, the use of the trademark on the eBay site is still the old trademark, but eBay said the company will officially open the new Logo next month.

It is reported that

, is based on the market for 17 years, eBay had been in an online auction business identity, but with changes in market trends, eBay also want their business to diversify, and start from a bidding auction and collection business to purchase goods to complete, the real price change platform.

eBay the old Logo in the Silicon Valley is no wonder Wurenbuxiao. With red, blue, yellow, green four colors with the letter overlap overlap to leave a very deep impression. Today, eBay’s new Logo still retains the company’s famous red, blue, yellow, green four colors, but compared with the previous Logo font is thinner, and the arrangement is more neat, unlike the original Logo as uneven.

Wenig (Deven Wenig), President of global markets, ·

(eBay), said: "our new logo logo from the company’s glorious history, but also reflects the great future. The company’s new Logo reflects this new direction, that is, eBay needs to develop a global online store, is committed to providing users with cleaner, more contemporary and consistent shopping experience. We retain the core elements of the logo, including color matching. EBay trademark of the color and font represents our networking and diversification of the eBay community. Now, the eBay community has more than 100 million active users and more than 2 thousand and 500 vendors, and the size of the community is growing."

eBay has used two Logo in the past, the first one is blue, only a short period of time. The second is used for nearly 15 years, so the decision to replace the Logo is not impulsive. Vinich said in the mail to employees this is not an easy decision, eBay Logo around the world, but now is the best time to change."

At present,

, eBay in the global electricity supplier industry downturn to achieve market growth, through the development of its Paypal business, and successfully persuaded Wall Street investors for the company’s prospects, eBay market has achieved nearly 50% growth in this year.

"we are building a brand new eBay, and we are creating the future," wrote in an email.

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