Service front China E mobile network to create a new concept of DC service industry

as the Internet high-tech services, IDC service providers to provide users with each product is shown in the form of services. With the continuous improvement of the product and the increasing requirements of the user experience, the development of IDC enterprises is largely decided by the advantages of the service. In order to lead the service, we need an excellent service concept.

service front, it is China’s E mobile network to create a new service concept.

what is service front?

service front, simply put, is the technical service personnel initiative to establish a communication bridge with the user. Why did you do that?

the first, can let our technical service personnel first time to understand the needs of users, so as to be more targeted to guide users to use our services;

second, through the pre service, with the support of our 7*24 hours, can let the user at any time, the site problem or need our help, immediately contact our technical service personnel. Effectively solve the problem of the user site, half a day can not find a solution, anxious to do a lot of time, but also a lot of time, the industry big problem.

third, optimize the process, so that professional people to do professional things, improve the company’s service efficiency and service quality. In the past, when users encounter difficulties, it is difficult to find a direct solution to the problem, a lot of time wasted on the inefficient process. The service front has been optimized on this basis. This point, when we use the Chinese E mobile network services, it is very obvious that different from other service providers. "

which users are most in need of service pre –

many traditional industries in the enterprise due to the needs of information, have established their own corporate website. Because the site after the completion of maintenance is not great, so often in the company part-time to do this thing, they are not very proficient in the knowledge of the network, encountered problems difficult to solve their problems and self-help, more often. The pre service, this part of the user, and has an irreplaceable


China E mobile network is how to do a good job in front of the service


­ ­ for this part of the user, large companies generally because of the large volume of business and the business profit is not high, the service is not enough patience, diandaqike; and small companies, and not enough technical strength and manpower to help and service for the whole time and. China E network is now operating tens of thousands of such enterprise website, empathy for such users encounter difficulties, we are determined to do the service work.

therefore, company executives in CEO under the leadership of Mr. Chen Minghua, not only to improve the company make snap structure and business processes, in order to better fit the pre service work.

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