Ali ban WeChat marketing applications entrepreneurs most hurt

Tencent blocked a number of WeChat marketing account news has just come out, Alibaba will give back at the same time, the Internet has not calm boiling again.

yesterday (July 31st), sources said, Alibaba will shield WeChat Taobao customer class marketing application data interface. In this regard, Alibaba stakeholders in the daily economic news reporter confirmed the news. The source said, has been suspended for WeChat’s third party application services, the purpose is to control the risk of Taobao transactions. In the industry view, this is the big data between the two platforms and platforms. If shopping from WeChat becomes a habit, it is Ali can not tolerate."

this also means that all applications in WeChat’s venture Amoy will face the risk of collapse, which have to carry out the transformation. WeChat said in the previous public does not support marketing services, and the blockade of the Alibaba, will no doubt give up the idea of entrepreneurs copied micro-blog marketing.

two platforms are resorted to ban

"we also see that the WeChat team recently introduced a number of restrictions on Taobao and Taobao WeChat goods sellers in marketing, in order to protect the users of WeChat, which is consistent with our protection and security demands of the user experience." Ali said in a statement, said.

, in fact, to avoid repeating the mistakes of micro-blog Sina, WeChat for the platform dazzling marketing means has been carried out rectification. On Friday, WeChat once again implemented a ban on marketing account strategy.

reporter learned that blocked WeChat account for Taobao advertising public account, senior account function part of sending messages have been cut, including the number of fans up to hundreds of thousands of public accounts.

and WeChat officials have repeatedly stressed that WeChat is not a purely marketing tool, information over the bombing will lead to the loss of users. Less than a week, Alibaba for WeChat’s ban gave back. But Ali has also given a reason, "recently found that some sellers use WeChat marketing application harass users, even some sellers will lead the entire transaction process safety payment system of Taobao, so that consumers face a potential transaction risk. In order to protect the user’s user experience and control the risk of the transaction, Ali temporarily stopped the application of WeChat related services in the market order."

is also in the name of the user experience, it seems that everything is reasonable. But a person who is not willing to be named in the electricity business on the daily economic news reporter, said WeChat Taobao will be pre emptive isolation, but also in the name of the user experience. After all, WeChat is a Tencent in the era of mobile Internet tickets, in order to do the marketing of WeChat plots, Tencent is not allow other people to share. In turn, the flow of WeChat has little contribution to the Alibaba, so Ali even broke WeChat is not bad, so you can concentrate on business of micro-blog.

small and medium-sized entrepreneurs "wounded"

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