Enterprise decisive battle 2014 shaping the network marketing weapon the four step

2014 is approaching, the network marketing companies are eager for a fight at the helm for the network marketing plan for the new year, visible network marketing and its importance is heavy, from 2012 19 billion 100 million to 2013 eleven Taobao double eleven double 35 billion day, Taobao will use network sales so easily reached a value of GDP China the province, is not only to make these large and small businesses saw the network business value, also let the traditional enterprise network with those who do not usually also played the introduction of network marketing idea, build a website, do the bidding, make SEO a series of actions intended to battle 2014.

today, these small pieces of the Internet marketing tool to share, hoping to help companies in the new 2014 smooth network marketing work.

casting the first step, shaping the core competitiveness of

you know, today is more than you plan a business in the network marketing action, your colleagues, your competitors may be scaled up for training soldiers grilled Wo, first step into the network marketing instant shaping the core competitiveness of enterprises, whether selling products or services on the network, to extract the core the advantages of the product value is important, not a no competitive advantage of the products, customers will not pay for it, with plenty of cyber source brand value, but unable to play the most incisive. How important is the core competitiveness.


casting tool second steps, how to extract the core competitiveness of

competitiveness is the advantage of a product, selling points, a consumer demand in accordance with a certain characteristics, such as certain brand glasses, it’s selling point is: Slim, that is only 0.1 degrees above the thickness of 600. Ultra light, its weight is only the weight of a cigarette. Material, the use of titanium alloy. And so on. These are described in the characteristics of a product, and these are the glasses to buy the most important elements of consumer care. Slim appearance and ultra light wear for a long time will not make you tired, the aircraft used titanium alloy is a high-end materials and so on, all of these meet the consumer demand, the core competitiveness of refined products is actually in the analysis of advantages, the advantages of the product, to distinguish different from other products, and has great advantage.

casting tool third steps, the choice of network marketing resources

is the integration of network marketing resources means some marketing methods, the existing centralized for a network marketing task coordination, these may help to promote the integration of a network promotion plan to carry out marketing resources. Such as forum marketing, blog marketing, SMS marketing, email marketing, marketing, marketing, micro-blog WeChat network alliance advertising marketing, keywords ranking promotion marketing analysis to see what marketing is suitable for the operation of mobile phone project. Because the promotion of different methods, it is impossible for all products to promote. Therefore, for the promotion of the product selection

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