Blog promotion to allow more search engines to increase blog traffic

maybe you, like me, have an independent blog, and every day to update the blog content, because it is a latecomer, but not many people visit every day. Don’t worry, now the first step you need to do is: go to more search engine submission blog site, let search engine included, help you get more traffic. The 13 "first look" is a test of domestic and abroad, all can be operated, and unlike some domestic famous blog navigation website, but also included Links its Web site, not only trouble and the influence of the blog page style. If you want to increase the blog traffic, and do not want to be very troublesome, then hurry to submit it.

1 Google Google blog submission portal: Hl=zh-CN

2 Baidu Baidu blog submission portal:

3 Yahoo YAHOO blog submission portal:

4 Sogou Sogou blog submitted entrance:

5 Sina Sina blog submission:

asked entrance

6.163 has a blog entry: Type=BLOG& keyFrom=help

7 Qikoo Qihoo submitted entrance:


8 submit blog (website) to TOM:

9 submit blog (Web site) to the 140 search engines:

10 submit blog (website) to MSN Search (Live Search):

11 submit blog (website) to Jayde: http://s.submi>

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