Brother, let’s live together! (soft example)

"baby, let’s rent a house," my brother and I had a home". Although he grew up in the city, but never out of the house. This girl looks fragile and I liar but perennial from the city to the city.

I’ve known my brother for half a year, and we met in the past six months. In this romantic winter, talk about a different kind of love. Sometimes I think, I am not in the fairy tale, to enjoy the love of the prince? Maybe he is my prince, because I have a desire to marry him!

called his brother because he was older than me. When I met, bad attitude and expression. When we have a little bit of sweet feeling, I asked him to do my "brother", or "lover", or what he said when the first brother! He and I said, it is difficult to do my brother, because I am a very my sister has been so picky! Love called him, he said when I called "brother", is the most gentle.

when he had a fantasy for our love "home", but because of their own helplessness and suddenly become cold. My brother has a girlfriend, I have a boyfriend, we live in two worlds, how can there be "home" I asked my brother to give me some time, my brother asked me to give him time. Maybe we shouldn’t have done this, or are we on the run?. The girl’s thinking is too delicate, sometimes appear some terrible. Our love, pay is so helpless? Perhaps at the beginning, he chose to do my lover will be better.

"baby, let’s rent a house," said the elder brother, when we were together, let me cook for him to eat, let me learn how to cook, and I gave him a good eggplant. I smile, because I know that eggplant very unpalatable. My brother said, when we are together, you can wash clothes for him, I say not! Because he and I said, give him to wash clothes, a 50! He is always surprised at me! I smile, because I know that if we go together, to wash clothes for him will be happy things. My brother said, when we are together, the computer belongs to him, TV to me. I said no! I’m going to sacrifice him to watch TV for the computer. He said it again. I laughed, because he knew I would close his arms shualaipi.

soon, I ended up with him, and quickly for the other brother to brother and I want to have a home, a just belong to our love nest, then turn on the computer, familiar with the IE input: I know, in this city, called the Zhengzhou classification web sites can bring convenience to our life, and soon, in the recommended column, I found the love of the house, and to move……

I want to give my brother

a surprise, so all is a person I completed, after several twists and turns finally put warm our small home decoration. "

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