Examples of how to make your forum to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion


in website promotion, promotion of a constant has been very popular by the webmaster, this method is the Forum promotion, from the beginning to now use the promotion methods of BBS promotion has been showing a hot trend, even now many webmaster said the forum to promote ranking role not as well as usual hot. But in many Forum promotion, often see some AdSense for promotion and promotion, as the use of some to attract users to click on the title of the party, actually the title of the party are common in the Forum promotion, the number who will believe? Then use the Forum promotion in addition to using the title of the party is not another way to promote the effect? The answer is no, today I share with you how to make your Forum promotion effect to another step.

a simple but not unattractive Title

have a post in the forum is the most common, that is to promote and the title of the party. However, the quality of Internet users are now getting higher and higher, the title of the party can no longer stimulate the user’s interest in the click. If you want to own the forum post was not flowing into the sea with rolling. So the title of the writing is very important, the title of the party is intolerable, love is really more users to share this post, even the title words and simple, can also cause the user’s attention, of course, the color of the title is also very important, we take A5 forum as an example, as shown in figure



we can see, this post itself is not very gorgeous title words that, for example, you have to look at certain secret sharing, certain optimization techniques and so on, in the title of the post is very simple, why this title can get such a high rate in a month? I think the key in two points, the first title of the color, this is very important, a title can distinguish other posts, the color gives the visual impact is critical, of course do not use too dazzling color. The title of the second words, this post will be no matter where people think is the title of the party, this is an analysis of the role of the user in mind. So, Forum promotion effect is maximized, the color of the title and the word is very important, as long as used in the title of the most real words to write the focus of the article, and let the user see the title not to think about the title of the party on the line, so your promotion forum is half success.

two, the real value of the content is not gorgeous

forum as a classic exchange platform, the user needs is not news, nor is it the brick house speculation and comments, the need is the most authentic experience sharing experience, the exchange of intentions. For some news comments, such as posts, even if you copy the contents of the wonderful, as well as no >

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