Take the first advance key website ranking

SEOer is now the main site for the optimization of the site rankings, before I have to share with you about the search engine rankings for the decisive factor in the user experience. Of course, there are some other objective problems in which the author Dennis today about web site optimization is About Baidu the wise remark of an experienced person keyword ranking problem.

site to participate in the rankings, first of all must be included in Baidu. Many sites just face the new site is not included on the line after 3 months. If we can say is in the study period, 3 months after that and how to explain it? No problem in the premise of website content quality, has not been included in Baidu, we have to consider whether the domain name has been punished over Baidu. Under normal circumstances, the new site has been punished for the domain name, when the site took over the domain name and the same industry in the past, then, often inherit punishment, so that the site will be collected time will be extended. So, when we choose the domain name, we must check whether the domain name is a new domain name, whether it is punished.

then, for the site ranking must prevent low-quality links. These low quality links which are usually due to site SEOer or competitors through long-term cache information links Webmaster Tools query can form or cache links generated by some software, which links a relatively short life cycle, usually in about 7 days, but in the search engine application pool cleaning and was worn out. This will result in cheating the illusion of a big blow for the new station, will seriously affect the web site keywords ranking.

finally, the most important factor on the site rankings or user experience. No matter how to update the search engine algorithm, are the same, will the user search experience good site on the front. This requires most of the site SEOer site user analysis, to meet user requirements, so that users in the shortest possible time to find what they need most. Prior to the author also said that in the network more pure query users, and potential customers can only account for 20%.

website optimization, we want to do is not to potential clients but pure users, expected from the first, is the core idea of the SEO. On the site to join the competition is not the same as the elements, so in order to enhance the level of user experience. Relative to the monotonous users love multimedia video images, the text will then express it can become a high quality page, and users can directly download the documents can be closer to pure user groups. This site will get a good ranking, can be the potential customers to create the most direct access path.

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