Under the line to find the user needs point through public service activities to promote the site

last weekend and friends go to the car, the car did not buy, but there are two impressive harvest. Every day every day in the face of the network, said the online promotion, advertising, life activities are also increasingly concerned about the possible, which is commonly known as the "occupation disease", of course, I’m not so serious, just want to learn from the next.

market prices soaring, but the house is still in short supply, many people are still queuing to buy a house, the rigid demand is too large; rising oil prices, car additional costs more and more, but the buyer still does not reduce the number of. Found to look at the weekend, the original car also need to wait for the car, this is the inevitable outcome of economic development. As the two harvest back to a car, to provide the required products for users; promote the brand to do with the form of public service.

1 to provide users with the necessary product information

weekend car, which has a A brand car salesman sentence impressed me. He said that this car are not out of stock, but also how preferential. Products in short supply, the price is naturally not favorable. If you have the product and information you need, you get the initiative. Many webmasters online often thinking, how to provide users with the necessary information, must be obtained from the market analysis. Cars are becoming more and more popular in people’s life, so the automobile market is becoming more and more popular.

for personal webmaster, how to analyze the needs of users, if the line of people on the demand for automotive products increased, the demand for online information on the car is naturally high. Car home and the Pacific car, they have seen this market, and has done very well, and become the industry leader. Analysis of future changes in the market, to provide users with the necessary information, which is an aspect of mining user needs, the webmaster can choose the user’s point of view from this point of view.

2 with the image of the public to promote their products

The car ran into a

process of B brand automobile 4S shop is organizing the tea party, prepare some refreshments for consumers to enjoy, and invited the senior professor of automotive industry is said to share information on the car. For the car consumers, because of the need to purchase the product is a big consumer of household spending, the choice of when the inevitable comparison carefully, but also other brands compared with the price level in the final choice of the relatively high cost of A. At this time the consumer’s heart is constantly shaking, unable to determine the final order which brand of car. If at this time there is a car analyst, in the analysis of how to choose the side of the car, consumers will inevitably have a tendency to determine the purchase of the car.


brand 4S shop invite analysts to teach users how to choose the car, comparing the characteristics of different brands of automobile, teach consumers how to choose the car from the car safety, structural and comfort, of course, is always a turn, tell you that this.

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