Groupon emergency or exposing big screen 70% super shuffle group purchase enterprises out

recently, the group has publicly admitted that the company has encountered problems. Groupon CEO Ren Chunlei micro-blog said, is in Shenzhen to raise money around.

this a message, asking for the payment of business cooperation has continued to Groupon headquarters, with the need to wait for a total return "failed. Currently, including Beijing, Chengdu, Ningbo, Chongqing, Kunming and other places have been set up arrears of the QQ group, plans to jointly prosecute treasure network.

according to media reports, the proportion of the number of arrears owed to the group of merchants from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. Groupon, a sub station manager, only the station has more than and 100 businesses for final payment.

investment adviser IT industry researcher Wang Ningyuan accept the Securities Daily "reporter interview said:" the problem of shortage of funds facing Groupon is common in the industry is currently facing the network group purchase in the second half of 2010 to the first half of 2011 the rapid development, but in the next few months a lot of group purchase enterprises funds shortage. A large number of layoffs and began to lose weight, a lot of group purchase business out of the market, as of the end of November 2011, the domestic group purchase site has more than 35% sites for more than 30 days not update the goods, and stop the number of updates, website or closed has been close to 2000 in November."

collective peibenzhuanyaohe


"group purchase network enterprise more than half at a loss, mostly in peibenzhuanyaohe." Wang Ningyuan summed up the current status of the industry.

and the group seems to be a real example of treasure.

after the Spring Festival "wave" and "run away rumors", Groupon CEO Ren Chunlei released micro-blog said: "the day yesterday, facing the staff; today in Shenzhen to raise money around tomorrow; Groupon,

was forced to open?"

industry insiders said that the group is currently very tight treasure funds are raising funds. Analysts believe that the current group treasure network selection is very limited, only to get the investment, and then adjust the strategy. "It can be said to be a delaying tactic, in order to alleviate the pressure of upstream suppliers and service providers. Because once the account period and the site can not be paid, the service provider may stop the follow-up service, the customer can not be paid after the service will turn complaints website, forming a vicious circle."

according to Alexa traffic analysis, mission treasure network from mid December last year, traffic fell 78% and long-term maintenance at this level. At the beginning of last year, Groupon led the group purchase industry set off "advertising burn wars" and "endorsement wave", in 2011 the annual advertising up to 550 million yuan, and in one fell swoop to sign a number of stars for their endorsement, by many industry peers as "one of the most money enterprise".

network group buying in the year of the rabbit, causing a large number of Internet users sought after, according to information, the network group buying in 2011 showed a blowout in the country

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