Alibaba’s animal complex Tmall, ant play domain name open animal Conference

renamed Chinese ( October 23rd – the day before the news, Alibaba will spin off Taobao travel business, launched a new online travel independent brand "flying pig", the protection of the full set of domain name and trademark. From Tmall to rookie, and then to god horse, ants and even fly pigs, Alibaba’s animal complex is not very much, dubbed by the friends of Ali zoo. In Ali’s zoo, and what are the domain name?

will make money meow star

2012, Ma Yun a "cat?" that still troubles the original name was renamed to Tmall Taobao mall homeopathy, website logo also put on a black cat, and sexy and taste the cat will become a Tmall spokesperson". In the same year, 11, Tmall, a war fame, the new brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Now, Tmall has been the absolute main force of B2C online mall, in the fierce competition of similar sites, Tmall has been invincible, powerful.


figure: Tmall

in the official domain name, although Tmall still use the original Taobao mall, but has always attached great importance to brand Alibaba how would miss the protection of domain name, as early as the name before the Alibaba from Xiamen scholar Zhuang Liangji has acquired the hands of the "Tmall" brand Larry domain, and also to protect the related domain name suffix, full of protective measures.

a non food rookie



: rookie network

in May 2013, many industry giant Alibaba, intime group with SF group, one of three links, just in time, jointly announced the formation of rookie Network Technology Co. ltd.". Rookie network of the first phase of investment of up to 100 billion yuan, vowed to create a nationwide open, social logistics infrastructure. Subsequently, the Alibaba will spend the rookie a full set of Pinyin domain name purchase capsule. Visible, although the name of the rookie dishes, but the strength is not a dish.

This is not what



figure: god horse search

is also in 2013, Ali and UC (as) jointly released its mobile search engine brand "what search", and has enabled a beachhead in period of price of 284 thousand yuan to take the "what" node 2 letter domain name In the mobile search industry, although what search is a "new man", but the chiefs under the support of the "new" performance greatly surpass the predecessors be not of the common sort, posture. It’s only a month,

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