NetEase network attack only one game on the loss of 11 million 669 thousand and 800 yuan


technology news May 12th news, yesterday evening from 9 onwards, including NetEase, cloud music easecredit, ethics cloud notes, the number of products and a full range of NetEase’s game appeared unable to connect to the server of the situation.


until this morning at about 6, the NetEase easecredit, cloud music, ethics cloud notes and other products began to resume service; NetEase’s game products can also log normal, in brief "server maintenance", has been restored to normal use.

According to the

NetEase in the fourth quarter earnings, the fourth quarter of 2014 the NetEase online game service revenue was 2 billion 863 million yuan ($461 million), the average daily income of 31 million 119 thousand and 600 yuan, the average income of 1 million 296 thousand and 600 yuan per hour. According to the projections of the above data, a large area of the downtime of the NetEase, only a game the direct loss is 11 million 669 thousand and 800 yuan.

in the area of the crash, the NetEase had responded at 9:40 last night, the product cannot be used normally for backbone network attacks, but for the right to recover, only "technical personnel under repair, attention later notice" specific repair time please, so far has not received any further official statement of NetEase.

because of the large area of its products online paralysis, has appeared in the NetEase building fire explosion, tornado server and other rumors. In response to this NetEase said, NetEase building fire news is a rumor, NetEase retained the right to pursue legal responsibility.

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