Webmaster nets daily broadcast Jiangsu Sina micro-blog general meeting held to promote the two-dimen

1, 2012 Jiangsu Internet Conference held in Xuzhou,

Admin5 webmaster network September 24th news, on September 22nd, Jiangsu Internet Conference held in Xuzhou in the spring of the smooth sailing of the villa in the cloud. The local conference hosted by Admin5 webmaster network, the Internet Entrepreneur Club, the Xuzhou Internet association, Xuzhou media group, the new media development center jointly organized. The conference has been bShare, Sogou, Baidu alliance, phpwind alliance, China century, downtown network, Xuzhou meters letter technology, Discuz!, Peng support customer network and other units. The general assembly to open and win-win cooperation in the future as the theme, invited from Jiangsu Province, as well as more than 500 people, as well as the Internet industry elite attended the meeting.

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2, Sina micro-blog online two-dimensional code function

September 24th news, Sina announced that micro-blog officially launched a two-dimensional code function, micro-blog two-dimensional code will provide a variety of functions with service, users can easily share exclusive two-dimensional code in a variety of scenarios to promote their use of micro-blog or micro-blog client scan two-dimensional code, save tedious input search faster, mutual powder, browse the web or release of micro-blog.

at present, micro-blog two-dimensional code to support the three main functions of the service: open the personal information page quick powder, open the specified web page, as well as the direct opening of micro-blog has entered a specific content.

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3, the Ministry of Railways behind the tender 330 million: background technology has been questioned in the industry

in IT software system, the Ministry of Railways invested tens of billions of relative operators has been very low, a high speed input 200 billion, a ticket system into 300 million, long ignored the informatization construction of railway ministry official ticket website 12306 in the Mid Autumn Day holiday comes again before the paralysis". The last time the paralysis occurred before the Spring Festival this year. The 12306 sites and behind it technical support services, in the voices of doubt, and public opinion has been pushed to the fore.

according to public information, the Ministry of Railways has just recently on "a new generation of ticket system" project bidding, Tai Chi shares (600100.SH) and Tongfang (002368.SZ) respectively to 199 million yuan and 130 million yuan bid. This means that the new generation ticket system, a total amount of about 330 million yuan tender project. The new generation of ticket system includes the Ministry of Railways 12306.cn and the background of its technical services, the first phase of the project includes: hardware and software equipment integration, room power wiring system and monitoring system construction. According to the Ministry of Railways in September at the beginning of the statement, "the construction of a new generation of ticket system" will be for a period of 3 years, a project will be completed by the end of this year.

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