How far is the way out and the flaw WeChat away from marketing

so-called weapon, a sharp known, two out of the knife to see blood. In the world of martial arts, the dragon sword, sword weapon is the most well-known, far and near. Even the dragon sword, geochilmaru, world order, no exception in the world. The knife knife is good, but if this knife has long been frozen, so most as a legend, but can not be called a weapon. In the world of martial arts, the most powerful martial arts cheats is Canon, even Lonely Nine Sword, xixingdafa, evil sword spectrum all have some of the sunflower. Similarly, when these three kinds of martial arts in the martial arts, people can truly appreciate the canon is indeed martial masterpieces. If there is no Canon Canon a reign of terror, so it is only one of the books on the shelf, dusty, old yellow.

for business, can be called marketing tools, is a kind of radio and television, newspapers and magazines is a kind of media, outdoor media is a kind of vehicle, and a Baidu web advertising, Taobao and all kinds of shopping website is a class, department stores and large supermarket is a kind of. They are called marketing tools. They meet the two characteristics, the first weapon known to potential customers gathered a large number of; second bleeding, can bring tangible profits for businesses. In the rise of micro-blog marketing and WeChat marketing, in line with the first, but does not meet the second. So, can not be called a weapon.

weapon essence: the long tail effect

all the tools are known as marketing tools, are skilled in the use of the long tail effect. Although the concept of the long tail is not too long. We are watching TV in the newspaper, you want to see the TV programs and news reports, rather than advertising, but advertising in newspapers, on board a soft paper or product pictures in the TV series, then there is the effectiveness of marketing. Similarly, we search through Baidu to the answer to a question, but Baidu has given us links to other unrelated vendors and products. We went to a large supermarket, originally wanted to buy a bottle of soy sauce, but readily bought a pack of salt, go out with a bottle of water. All this is the long tail. The so-called long tail, that is, we are not included in the budget of goods or services, presented in front of us, prompting consumers to pay.

micro-blog flaw: ontology deletion

according to the definition of weapons, to be popular, to bring profits. Micro-blog in terms of popularity than any kind of marketing. But micro-blog in terms of profits for the enterprise, little contribution. As I said earlier, marketing is the application of the long tail. The long tail is able to exist because there is a body. TV is the main body of the program, the newspaper is the news, Baidu’s search service is the main body, then what is the body of micro-blog fragmented information does not form a body with a certain amount of body. The micro-blog large and zombie powder is difficult to form the body. Therefore, relying on micro-blog for marketing, will find a lot of work is done.

WeChat outlet: voice long tail

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