Song Lijian nterpretation of home independent blog positioning method

clock swing, left is old, the right is the new year. I left for the greatest impact is in a push network marketing school, right follow their own network marketing industry, make persistent efforts. Calm reflection, so. With this interpretation of home independent blog positioning method.


blog word believe that this article will not be unfamiliar with the students, but also some people have been playing for several years of experience. The full, true and free folk grassroots nature and with a variety of whimsy. In the noisy scene of the moment, the hearts of some people to become open, the proliferation of thoughts.

blog estimates have such a situation, the original interest ink, go zones, the end. A submission appears two words audit, no interest. One day, I sent a text in SouFun’s blog, the reason is that after the audit "mentioned in Sina and Sohu". We do regardless of their origin, but the others in the eaves of the situation, really make people uncomfortable.

so the independent blog appeared. Independent blog is a blog site that has its own domain name and server space. Corresponding to a lot of professional blog also appeared, such as network promotion, network marketing, knowledge management, etc..

we know that we have to plan to do things before, some people are planning to plan. Is in front of the program, the implementation of the verification program. This can be based on the executive personnel. As the relationship between network marketing and network promotion, in fact, network marketing is the implementation level of network marketing.

also my blog is also carefully considered, and now the process and share with you, I hope you have a help to the site.


a blog theme positioning

we see this blog began in 2010 in the year of May. Ashamed to say, have been engaged in the mixed content, no theme, all according to their own preferences to find the text will not write, but I do not know which direction to write, so there is no about a turn ah. No flow, no influence. But for me, the meaning is very large, because this is the beginning of the construction of independent bo.

until the end of July this year, during a push network school, "site planning" after class, then decided to locate this blog, start a person pondering, then there are many suggestions Wu Feng classmates and other students. It is now the blog interface and realize the main location with an air of importance, the strength of the team, doing things can not fight alone.

so the blog is positioned as home furnishing industry this one, the main push of the keywords on home network marketing, home network promotion". Currently, both ranked first in Baidu and Google. So I’m sure the Internet is the first person that really thinking of establishing a brand concept of "Home Furnishing network marketing network promotion concept, founder Home Furnishing founded"

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