On the optimization and promotion of small business website

recently received several optimized ECSHOP two development list based on the original site of the SEO ECSHOP problem is prominent, the search engine is more friendly, may be due to some developers of SEO knowledge does not understand, for ECSHOP internal optimization settings is not good enough, here I put some of his own experience to give up hope all the help to everybody.

1 in the "set up shop" set your shop store store title, description, keywords, which store title not more than 50 Chinese characters, store description of not more than 200 Chinese characters, store keyword not more than 80 characters, please try to describe the important keyword in the title of the shop, and use a comma or vertical line with offline character separately, which is beneficial to the search engine and get good rankings included.

2 add the product as far as possible the key words are written in the name of the product, because ECSHOP will be the product name as the title of the page. Please do not because of laziness and ignore the other information in the commodity keywords commodity description, they are Keywords, Description, which is very important for search engine optimization.

3 backstage management system settings in a site map, please update your product after each click OK, in order to make the new site map (SITEMAP), and to GOOGLE, YAHOO to submit your SITEMAP, the latest content within one hour of GOOGLE you can retrieve site.

Baidu is now out of the webmaster platform, you can submit a site map, is conducive to the rapid submission of the webmaster Baidu is not included or update the problem page, URL http://s.sitemap.baidu.com/

4 open ECSHOP provides URL rewriting function, pseudo static is we often say that the open address becomes more concise, more conducive to search engine grab and included, specific methods: backstage management center – > -> system; switch with a "URL rewriting" basic settings in the column store settings in. Now the general space providers support.Htaccess or httpd.ini, if it is their own server installed on it.

website promotion, I think first of all should ensure the integrity of the site and online rate. If visitors come in is a mistake or directly to the page does not open, then your website optimization in what meaning? So choose a stable high rate of the online space or server is very important, recommended to choose such IDC nets, do not covet cheap. Here are some of my own test results of the promotion method, we can flexibly change the use of.

1 can to some large community forum some product promotion posts, of course, you can’t be too explicit AD for more. "

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