The soft note will see the webmaster

presumably every webmaster will encounter a problem, that is how to promote their website. Like now there are QQ group promotion method, hanging chat room, and many other methods, but these traffic are not quality, but also temporary. More popular now is to write soft wen. You can publish in Admin5 ah, like my site, in the webmaster online made a few articles, so that both the search engine included help, but also can bring a little ip. The quality of soft Wen good not to say, but also some attention:

1, seeking truth from facts.

The highest level

network is the most realistic, what this means is that when you resort to deceit, others can see at a glance, the so-called except you can practise fraud, cheated, deceived second people, so to be based on the network in the invincible position, the first thing to learn is to seek truth from facts for example, some male friends use female QQ and then to consult some of the problems, want to get the favor of female QQ, counterproductive to each other, not talking to you anymore, because they think you too.

write too, we need to do is to seek truth from facts, such as some experience, some things, or some items are all you have to experience to write more truth of things, good literary fiction facts, let people see that this is a fake, because of the lack of sense of reality. The Yakuza language plus the real thing, then write the article, every word is true.

so writing, especially creative or network on some of the articles or deeds, try not to fiction some of the plot, because some things, as long as it is older than you friend, an eye can see.

2, no exaggeration.

for example you write an article about your station a day 1 million flow, day 1 million of the traffic, the country can do the website so you write a few, so, we all know that you are a joke, is to attract the eye, but you did not think so, think you are playing with virtual, too fake no, meaning, to the station was lost feeling. Write an article, the most important thing is not to write what may be the result, that is the project or software may have what results, because we can see the market, they can be used to evaluate the results, see through the market, just the operation is not up, if you write it, they the operation is not up, certainly not up to the final results, complain that you are a big fool, although you provide value-added services, but they don’t think so.

3, much praise

network is mostly technical background, from the station between the attack until the small owners are plotted against each other, are the most incisive network person reflects arrogance. But we have to do the gentle webmaster, to do good, that is not to offend anyone

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