QQ class station promotion method

  now do QQ station competition is very strong, do a lot of people, including a lot of experts, I will summarize the following I do the promotion of class QQ station. Here to introduce my website (www.woqzone.com) promotion methods.

  first of all, I use Dedeams to do, using the template in the station station. Because the site directory is relatively deep, for search engine support is not particularly good, but fortunately to support the generation of html.

 : first step:

  regardless of anything else, first of all, the site submitted to a search engine, whether it is not included in the collection, the first submission. If you find that 3 months is not included you go back to submit a.

  second step:

  because we are of the type QQ station, so QQ is the best publicity object, first I put my personal QQ, personal signature QQ space all into my website publicity slogans, this change, not only you previously released personal diary or give people leave the word will appear your website publicity slogans, which largely increased the website propaganda. We are QQ space station, then QQ space propaganda must not be less, this is up to the http://s.qzone.qq.com home page, there are a lot of ranking in front of the popular QQ space, you find some message to, of course, every message you more with your website advertising, it also creates the propaganda there is a blog.qq.com effect, this can not be less, it has a lot of very popular, these are very popular in high, so you need to spend more time to promote. There are QQ forum is also a very good promotional objects, we have to send posts, so that your personal signature will be displayed at the bottom.

  third step:

  Baidu Post Bar, has been the source of traffic to many sites, of course we cannot lose this treasure, we will go QQ space Post Bar our space explanation to the Baidu QQ and Baidu Post Bar to reply, not directly, otherwise will be the letter ID, best registered here will give a few. You bring a lot of traffic sites. Baidu is also a key to know, there are a lot of questions on the QQ space, you can answer directly.

  fourth step:

  do some flash with a big picture on flash with some links, directly connected to your site, the picture also should display your site, then you each to the user space dress, his QQ space will be connected with your website. You need to know how to make flash and big pictures.


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