Foreign media evaluation of the world’s top 50 innovative companies Apple seventh HUAWE thirteenth

[Abstract] this year ranked first in the news aggregation site BuzzFeed, Facebook ranked second, Alibaba this year missed the list.


technology news February 26th, American magazine "Fast Company" 3 well-known commercial magazine named the 2016 annual "50 of the world’s most innovative companies". This year ranked first in the news aggregation site BuzzFeed, the list of reasons is to subvert the order of the media on a global scale.

Facebook ranked second, list of reasons is a large scale without hindering its like a start-up company that innovation. CVS Health, Uber, Netflix ranked third, fourth and fifth in turn. In addition, Amazon, apple and Alphabet (Google (micro-blog) parent company) also ranked among the top 10. Amazon’s list of reasons is from an e-commerce company to expand the cloud services market. Apple’s list of reasons is excellent performance in the Chinese market competition. The Alphabet is due to find a bigger way to do a good job on the list.

in Chinese company, last year due to "help consumers save money, money and enjoy the entertainment and boarded the overall position Alibaba this year there is no margin of the list, while the HUAWEI ranked thirteenth, the list of reasons is to prevail in the global competition in intelligent mobile phone.

is the "Fast Company" 2106 "the world’s most innovative companies," the full list:

1, BuzzFeed

2, Facebook

3, CVS Health

4, Uber

5, Netflix

6, Amazon

7, apple

8, Google (Alphabet)

9, Black Lives Matter

10, Taco Bell

11, Robinhood

12, Universal Studios


14, Cyanogen

15, InMobi

16, Novocure

17, Bristol-Myers Squibb

18, An Jin (Amgen)

19, Spotify

20, GE

21, Warby Parker


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