Zhang Xuhao ninth years of entrepreneurship on the 5 financing and hundreds of wars sentiment

what do we do if the other side is constantly using this subsidy to fight us?



: hungry founder and CEO Mr. Zhang Xuhao

, strategic investors

voted today to share with you the thought of Mr. Zhang Xuhao, because of the discovery of the development of hungry experience, very meaningful model. Burn aside aside, early to deduct, the operation experience of financing, make investment very enlightening.

this investment also did some thinking, for example, many Internet Co love by striking follow-up strategy, so as not to become martyrs. And why are Mr Zhang Xuhao is the opposite of it, is not because grassroots entrepreneurs did not copy the economic strength, faster than others is the only chance to survive it?.

beat his opponent 100 times richer than

hungry just started to do business, I still remember a company called small leaves home, registered capital of 1 million, has been all around the Shanghai colleges and universities are basically covered. And we have only tens of thousands of dollars, or by cash, by tuition down, so began to compete with others.

was very fierce subsidy activities, each reservation will send ice Black Tea, Poached Egg, this is real money to dig themselves out, let us feel the enormous pressure, if the other party constantly with the subsidies to play with us, what do we do?

how do we deal with this? This is a classic case: business model and technology innovation, all of a sudden knocked out the opponent.

first, from the Commission to the annual fee system. In the beginning we charge 8% of commission merchants, but gradually found early in the development of the industry, the user when there is no habit of businesses and there is no habit, you this advance form, is opposite with the merchant. Many businesses began to have a single flight, jump single such a problem, then we are not able to make an innovation in the pricing model

I remember looking at some of the cases, the development of foreign countries at the time of the SaaS model, annual pay. We think, this pattern is not able to use our platform? We later launched a SaaS account, a year to pay 4820 yuan; pay 2750 yuan in the first half, three months 1630 yuan. I remember the price clearly. When we pay the merchant into a set of SaaS services, businesses feel that we are a fixed fee, so very good, more out of orders are their own.

second, we developed a new order system. At that time, after taking out the order, through the platform, phone and text messages passed to the merchant. We can install a computer in the restaurant can receive orders, although it is a small problem, but to solve the restaurant inside a single hard to remember a series of small problems. Click the mouse >

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