Analysis of five strategies for personal website promotion

now is the age of the Internet, along with the popularity of the network to promote knowledge, more and more personal webmaster gradually up. Of course, this is indeed able to promote the development and progress of the Internet, but on the other hand also led to the prosperity of some bad sites. Here today, the main analysis and as a personal webmaster, how to get their own site is better rankings and traffic, because only in this way, you can reflect the existence of the value of the site.

1 has its own characteristics. As a personal website, it certainly does not have a high degree of education, government, business and other institutions, so the search engine in this piece, given the weight of a little bit less sense. Therefore, as a personal website, highlight the characteristics of the site itself to you, we have to do is to observe good standing with the industry, the structure of their website as a user experience, which is easy to be accepted by the user or more practical and convenient to operate, what place is very troublesome, because now users do not love too trivial things, love intuitive, love in a less complex environment continue to operate, so in this issue you must learn the strengths of others, to make up for the shortcomings of others, only a better user experience to do more practical than their site to attract users.

2 focus on SEO optimization. I believe this search engine optimization, most webmaster should know. Is how to make the content of their web site by the engine spiders crawl, so that their information can be collected quickly, so that the user can be the most accurate display in front of the user. In order to get a better ranking and flow of your site in order to be more familiar to people. So how to optimize their own website, this one next time and we have to say. But now some of the station to the SEO site as a life-saving straw, or as a tool for cheating legitimate, I think this is not the result, good content is the right way, this is the eternal truth.

3 instant update quality articles. This is the most important section of the website promotion. Any web site through the search engine to the user the first reaction is the content of your article and the relevance of the user search. Now the search engine is even bigger on the line of garbage sites to clean up, if found to be cheating, then it is ready to disappear. The content of the website reflects the idea of taking the user as the center, that is to say, from the point of view of the user experience, to evaluate the order of the website. With the gradual transparency of SEO optimization, the future will be the object of all the SEOER chase. Only those who are often updated, high degree of originality of the site can gradually be excavated… Of course, excessive will not say.

4 submitted to large web directories and published soft. This is a site outside the optimization, when our website in the internal optimization, the rest is how to promote our website. For example, shrimp, watercress now fresh fruit that bookmark sharing site more and more, how to make better use of this one depends on the individual energy. And we can take us

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