Micro-blog marketing can not be missed promotion tool

financial micro-blog push Oh online line, many financial industry friends have come to register. But due to the lack of understanding of this new micro-blog Internet applications, it is difficult to start, I would like to talk about the financial management of the friends of how to promote the marketing of financial micro-blog website.


in Chinese, the certificate is absolutely indispensable, as the saying goes for more than one application to push the network to submit their own certification Oh, with this V certification, on the one hand, micro-blog’s friends will think this is psychologically plausible, is the object of concern; on the other hand this certificate, also on behalf of the uniqueness, avoid the emergence of counterfeit, to establish their own brand.

content is king

content to more, continuous speech, so that more fans can see your speech, and find resonance, which, to speak, we should pay attention to the following tips:

first of all, to determine their own direction.

how to determine the direction of the speech?

a, from the aspects of good, you are good at what areas, then there will be more topics to share

B, from the business scope to determine. What aspects of the business involved, probably listed a few points, targeted classification speak

C, starting from the focus of target customers. The so-called match up, your customers want to hear what you say, what kind of words, so as to attract the attention of potential customers, attract attention.

secondly, the content should be planned to speak.

to speak a good plan, not random sentences, according to the habit of sending time.

, for example, plan hair every morning before the opening an article on the topic of market forecast, midday closing issued summary, summary, these can be used as timing: follow the open ended. There are some disk analysis can be issued at any time.

Begin to discuss a stock

or daily points, or one day a week to discuss a topic, gradually formed their own habits, on the one hand, easy to arrange their own time, on the other hand, let the fans formed the habit of attention you, are more likely to retain loyal fans.

again, speak attention hot spots.

is concerned about the hot habits of everyone, the stock market is even more so. This is not to say, speak to hot spots, can let more people have paid attention to the topic of discussion.

finally, pay attention to interactive

The so-called

as a V and have fun with the citizens, the people, you are a person, not a man, interact with people, can make people excited, no matter you criticize who still pointing who can cause each other’s interests, can attract more people to discuss.

pay more attention to others

The early

fans less, nobody listens to me how to do? How to pay attention to other people, I Chinese called leesons >

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