The new Adsense not to do so

for a long time, always want to run their own sites, at least in the noisy, there is a clear sky own impetuous Internet. Just has been conceived, in theory, really did not sit down to do things, this is a big problem. Although a forum open a few years ago. But ignorance, not long to put up the shutters. This time I made a commitment to adhere to, be patient and do it. So a few days ago opened his own website.

recently for a period of time, is really very busy, to manage their own site, but also continue to learn all kinds of experience. Others read many articles, learned a lot of experience, but some useful? No, because practice is the only way to test the truth. The theory is always the theory, if you have been in the design, it is equivalent to zero, do a is the most realistic.

after a period of time to learn their own website to promote the experience of summing up:

1 on SEO, search engine optimization. This thing is very important, whether it is the early site, development period, stable period, rising period, is important to the website promotion. However, as a means of promotion, don’t be too dependent. Because the variable is too large, the new owners learn some suggestions the relevant knowledge, it is not necessary to study their fine, good enough.

2 on the soft, this is also the need for technical content. First of all must be original, must let a person love, must have their own unique insights, released to the right place. The soft needs slowly. When the new owners have nothing to do, you can put their time to learn, to sum up. Practice and experience to share, to benefit themselves, to benefit others, Why not?


3 on viral marketing. Difficult!!! Almost inaccessible, the new owners need not consider, require great wisdom, great new ideas. Get the maximum effect by using the most simple operation means. Only Pingganjiao, by chance, with inspiration. The success of the first life,.

of course, there are a lot of ways to promote the site, but I feel that these three are the most effective, I also follow this set of ideas in the walk, I forum is divided by this standard.

do stand to stick to. Perhaps this is nonsense. But there are still many people can not do this. I hope these experiences to help you, also hope to have more people more to communicate with me. The characteristics of the Internet, is information sharing, exchange of experience.

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