Millet forum leaked 8 million registered users to quickly modify the password information

recently, micro-blog has been Tucao millet database was leaked, because a large number of users that receive a large number of telephone fraud, but the most surprising is that accurate information source telephone users – including name, address, telephone, commodity purchase records and so on, and then to cash on delivery form of product marketing and other fraud.

, according to accelerate the understanding of music, millet forum database user information leakage has spread to the cloud, the impact is very large and very fast diffusion. The cloud platform vulnerabilities also confirmed the news, said the current information database has been circulated in SkyDrive, has been unable to stop a lot of bad block action of leakage information download molecule. Contains the leaked data username and password, email, password and registered IP salt (salt) and other information, has been widely spread in the hacker community, about 8 million related data, mostly around 13 years old data, but there are also new users 14 years of feedback received a telephone fraud.

the impact of the spill is extremely bad, resulting in incalculable loss. It is reported that millet has begun an emergency handling of the incident. But before this, the acceleration music tips, due to the characteristics of millet cloud account, if the account password is compromised, it may affect the user’s personal data backup, such as mail list, SMS, photos, and even remote can format the mobile phone GPS. In order to nip in the bud, please millet forum user to change the password, and the password as complex as possible, avoid because of millet cloud services to mobile phone has also been leaked sensitive information.

also hopes to accelerate the music event, to the various types of domestic websites to watch, "the hacker is fiercer than tigers, website security can not be ignored, please seek professional anti DDos, anti hacker security service platform to help users better online services, create excellent Internet environment.

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