A5 webmaster network fourth div+css site layout and landscaping training began enrollment

DIV+CSS is a web standard (or "WEB standard") is one of the commonly used term, usually in order to illustrate and HTML web design language in the form (table) difference positioning mode, because the XHTML website design standard, no longer use form positioning technology, but to achieve a variety of positioning using DIV+CSS approach. According to the long-term practice of CSS code written in practical experience, and strive to be practical to solve the problem of browser compatibility, focusing on the layout of the page method.
1, training features: comprehensive knowledge of the DIV+CSS system. From here you can go from zero to CSS ace is not a problem. 2, rich experience in
. Have hundreds of size CSS project development experience, from the station to the portal experience, know how the shortcut to learning CSS novice.
4, system knowledge base and allows you to easily query and get the common CSS effects.
5, the tuition fee is 480 yuan, online learning, work two.
6, a permanent member of the VIP, the current will be added next semester until learned. 7,
9, professional online video lectures software,

lecturer introduction:

Name: Q, current Hainan a not well-known network company front technical director, engaged in the front page development and network teaching. Familiar with CSS layout, HTML good code structure, like jQuery, PHP and.

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