Don’t waste time looking for VC most startups don’t meet VC requirements and will never be satisfied

now, in order to find a mainstream commercial media do not talk about VC is a difficult thing about VC to discover the great investment opportunities, their investment skills, and the support of the government and to provide some contribution to employment assistance etc.. Because we talk about the success of the story, are about how entrepreneurs get VC, how in a very short time through IPO or strategic mergers and acquisitions to obtain great wealth. This will mislead other entrepreneurs believe that this is a successful mode only, no other way to create a great company, they should go to write a business plan, in the VC forum, looking for VC and let VC to participate in their company.


‘s actual results, more entrepreneurs ask "how can I get VC" instead of "I will get to the VC you, I should go to the VC or one of the most important issues," no VC or after looking for VC, I can create it". How to get VC’s problem is to assume that as long as they know the method, all entrepreneurs can get VC.

because of the high risk of startups, VC very picky. In a free capitalist society, the number of the number of dreamers often more than success. So it’s no surprise that VC will only invest in the 100 1-2 businesses they see in the business plan. They will reject 98-99%’s company, either because the industry is not their concern, the company does not demonstrate the potential or prove that it has the potential, there is no appropriate referrals, or any other large number of reasons.

in fact, most startups don’t meet VC’s requirements and will never be satisfied. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) statistics, about 60 companies in the United States will be created each year, of which the number of new companies VC investment is about 300, which means that 0.0005 is the possibility of a new company VC, which means 99.95% of the start-up entrepreneurs will not get VC.

if you’re not a new company, will you have a better chance?. More people may get VC, but the ratio looks almost the same. Most VC like investment has been able to see the potential, the risk has been reduced by the company. The first quarter of 2012, only 3% of VC investment is a start-up company, and the investment is over the start-up period of the company, and the annual investment cases reached 3000-3500. In addition, once the company has developed to demonstrate the potential of the stage, you are likely to attract a lot of interest in the VC fund. You can choose your own VC, negotiate better terms with them, retain more shares and control.

VC this is the most active in the United States, so if more entrepreneurs in the world, they will never meet the requirements of VC, you may want to know why I kept on reading the story about VC media. First, some of the most successful cases of VC investment

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