What is worth buying Liu Weiliang content electricity supplier fire and pit

what is worth buying Senior Strategic director Liu Weiliang said that he understood the core content of entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship, the content is very good knock on the door. Since it is a business, have to think how to cash, this is related to the content of entrepreneurship issues of vital importance. E-commerce is a natural close to the money from the business model, so we combine the content and electricity providers together, with the content of electricity supplier this very fire words. Content is indeed a very good opportunity for electricity providers, which provides a chance to get away from Jingdong, Taobao or other Internet advertising platform to buy recommendations to achieve business success.


several guests before the lecture content is the potential of electricity providers, I would like to talk about today is not the potential, but challenges.

content is very fire today, but what is worth buying basically 5 years ago began to do the content of entrepreneurship, through the content to build our business model. Electricity supplier, we basically think for five years, in the past five years have not touched, today, through such an opportunity to share with you, how we think about this thing.

today, I mainly talk about two issues, content providers, "fire" is what is the business logic behind it? The content of electricity supplier "pit", mainly on the content of electricity providers may encounter the pit? These two prominent words together is "fire", if there is no clear thinking electricity supplier, is could you bury the content of entrepreneurship.


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content electricity supplier fire

content entrepreneurship is undoubtedly the hottest track in the past two years. With the contents of the forum and activities are endless, it also brings fire content providers. Content is an important reason behind the fiery electricity supplier related.

traffic more and more expensive, so whether it is for business or electronic business platform, are faced with two very important issues:

where do I come from? How can I improve the value of the user? The above problem is the problem of user increment, the following problem is the problem of user stock.

traffic costs more and more expensive, many people have mentioned, below I give you some figures, look at the flow in the end how expensive, and why so expensive?


from the online shopping user scale, an increase is actually a relatively low number, especially in the PC side, because the entire online shopping penetration is already high. We may say that there are 40% or more of the growth of space, but to another 40% or 50% of users to develop into online shopping users, you need to invest the energy and cost, relative to the previous dividend period are very high. Today, we often hear Jingdong, Taobao to tackle rural electricity supplier, but we have not heard of the city before the word electricity supplier. Because rural users

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