Ride a bicycle chant completed 100 million yuan A round of financing has to enter the Shanxi city bi


(WeChat: ilieyun hunting cloud network [Hangzhou]) January 5th report (text / Jeky)

yesterday, v-mobile announces $215 million D round of financing, from the last round of financing after only three months, which means that the v-mobile bicycle bicycle industry financing become shared most, perhaps the most expensive company.

Hangzhou is China public bicycle system most perfect city, has not yet entered Hangzhou Mobell and other game player is also taking into account the difficult to break through the "big defense, but as strong as iron" since the beginning of winter this year, Hangzhou Binjiang District is a number of streets and lanes "little green car" occupation, a native of maxed circle of friends.

has "little green car" riding a bike from the perspective of time. That is the first bike sharing goers field, specific information and analysis can see hunting cloud network (ilieyun) reported earlier (ride bicycle chant: countryside surrounding the city can play in the field of foot and bike sharing?).

and riding a bicycle. Hunting cloud network deeply attached, in addition to media reports, it is Hangzhou riding hunting cloud network brand roadshow Big Demo guest. Today, it is learned that hunting Yunjun riding bikes. Completed 100 million yuan A round of financing, by Feng Shui investment partners, muddy investment investment on a party to participate with the cast.

followed the v-mobile thereafter, riding a bicycle. Also officially announced a new round of financing large, it is not difficult to see that sharing bicycle with the capital in the field of war, will be intensified. Since the beginning of the second half of this year, the domestic VC eyes were focused on the sharing of bicycle riding chant the "big age" of the new game player will how to layout their bicycle

career?According to the

before the interview revealed that riding a bicycle it will open the "strategic play the countryside surrounds the city", has now entered the Shanxi Linfen, in cooperation with the local government shared bicycle concept implementation of Internet plus green travel. In 8 of this month’s conference, a chant will announce more city partners and the new strategic adjustment plan.

& CEO ride a chant Zhou Hai introduced, riding Bai technology always adhere to product innovation and innovation, and very honored to be with Feng Shui investment together, this partnership will ride a bicycle. Solid in the industry first echelon position. And this round of financing will be mainly used for riding a bicycle. The upgrading of products, supply chain carding, team recruitment and national market development. Next, it will continue to ride bicycle sharing deep plowing fields, leading the development of the industry.

about the advantages, with the industry for bicycle riding. Few things lock and kinetic energy power generation technology, has solved the industry wide user experience pain points: GPS+ base station +WIFI+ Beidou, allowing users to more easily find a car; GPRS/4G dual-mode communication, allowing users to borrow the car more stable; at the same time, riding. Bicycle with high standard of industrial design, the use of explosion-proof tires, no shaft drive chain, aluminum stainless body, the whole cycle can reach five years normal >

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