nternet marketing which way to choose heart or burn

burn, burn, burn again, in many people’s minds, this is the usual way of publicity of Internet Co. Taxi software launched by the price war, issuing a large number of red envelopes or vouchers, playing only fight at outrance for market share, business platform, through continuous profits to attract more registered users, while similar to the 58 city home service O2O on-site service is the ultimate of the burn more. It can help enterprises to complete the Internet burn enclosure act, but most people understand that this is not a long-term plan. At present, with the rapid development of social media, social marketing enterprises increasingly hot topic, borrow content or the "heart" to a marketing effect, for many of the original extensive publicity, simple money accepted by enterprises. What is the "burn grab the market, or" heart "

marketing effect is good?

burn "enclosure" to keep people hard to

has just become white-collar Xiaohua hungry what new users, the first single minus 15 yuan, let her free to eat a meal over lunch, the next few days full of 29 yuan 15 yuan also made her very satisfied, hungry and will spare no effort, Xiaohua favorite Chinese fast food brand real effort into Guangzhou and Shenzhen, covering the most popular shopping district. Users simply hungry APP to find the area surrounding the true Kung Fu Restaurant, can be completed online ordering, stay at home enjoy Kungfu signs steamed dishes.

but in "love" very careful in reckoning Xiaohua hungry again soon, "faithless" U.S., the reason is hungry the activities into a full 15 yuan minus 5 yuan, compared to U.S. more affordable. It is understood that vigorously subsidies to U.S. rapid growth, the daily order volume has exceeded 2 million mark, the highest number on the orders of domestic takeaway O2O platform to achieve, which with a U.S. launch full cut, red activity to meet consumer demand more affordable meals, in cooperation with the first Insurance launched takeaway food safety risk, consumer experience and other factors are not unrelated takeaway ordering.

and There are plenty of people who held the same mentality Xiaohua, they are very sensitive to the price, compared to the two take the lowest, especially in social networks, due to the lower cost, the subsidy effect is better significantly. According to Nanfang Daily reporter learned that, in order to hope as soon as possible to open social marketing market, but MSI announced that its free personal shop platform V store officially launched the supplier system. It is reported that the V store supplier specialized services for V delivery system for the business, provide distribution management, order management, logistics management, marketing, financial management and other functions and data support for them, for the convenience store and supply V million V guest to carry out various marketing activities. This means that businesses can use V store platform to obtain ultra-high exposure at very low cost.

in the industry view, the enterprise in the early stages of growth, most of the money will be subsidized through the sale of the means to obtain the user to expand product visibility and influence, so as to achieve rapid enclosure". From the surface data, burn marketing, enterprises must increase the number of users of mass >

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