WeChat public will push the third party platform login authorization without landing from the platfo

WeChat public will push third party platform login authorization without landing from the platform URL

[TechWeb] reported on November 3rd news, in 2014 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference, WeChat open platform assistant general manager Zeng Ming said, WeChat will face the third party platform targeted specialized interfaces, namely public login authorization interface. Previously required by the public number platform website (mp.weixin.qq.com) to log on to the public number platform, and open WeChat third party public number login authorization, you can let the public number in the third party platform directly log on.

it is understood that the third party platform can be applied on WeChat’s official platform, do a simple qualification certification, you can get this license interface.

addition, Zeng Ming also introduced the WeChat open platform upgrade: another two packs of cards and WeChat sweep upgrade. According to reports, the WeChat card package is like a box, it put the wallet card or coupons, with a simple way to mobile phone; application scenarios before WeChat sweep sweep mainly in the price, now, is no longer just a pure price display, it will bring a lot of play can be extended or content. Can do anti-counterfeiting, sweepstakes, activities, etc.. (Ming Yu)

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